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Some friends and I have recently went on a Spider-man marathon, and we watched every single Spider-man movie. We watched the first two Sam Raimi movies with reverence and childlike wonder. We watched Spider-man 3 with regret for what it could have been, and where the franchise could have gone from there. After the trilogy we delved into the Marc Webb movies, and we were evenly divided in our opinions. However, After watching Spider-man 3 we saw a bloated film with too many stories happening at once. I have argued that while the film isn't worthy of belonging to the Sam Raimi trilogy; it is still an ok Spider-man movie. There's a problem where they bring in villains like Electro or Sandman, yet their characters are lackluster and disappointing. That's why i'm here today with my own opinion on who Tom Holland should face off against in his new Solo Spider-man movie.

I'd like to start off by thanking my best friend Shiv for participating in a 3 AM conversation about this. This idea only exists because of his back and forth with me. He's really creative with this stuff especially because he cares about it. So these are our picks for the solo Spider-man movie.


First i'll offer up some context on Mysterio and his history. Mysterio's real name is Quentin Beck and he was a special effects artist with dreams of being famous in hollywood. His goals were never achieved due to his inability to be a director as well as his inability to be an actor. Beck landed upon the idea of being a Super villain and decided that Spider-man would be a simple adversary due to his inexperience as a crime fighter.

I chose Mysterio for a lot of reasons, namely, His physical appearance and his impact in the MCU. Mysterio is one of the most visually interesting Spider-man villains along with The Shocker and Venom (All of this is personal opinion of course). Honestly it's his fishbowl head that makes him so haunting. I love everything about his outfit, and in particular from the Spider-man 2 video game. I loved his story in that game and it was one of the best parts.

Moving away from his appearance, I feel that his presence in the MCU would be a refreshing addition to the universe. I realize that his outfit is outlandish and ridiculous however after looking into his history as an actor one could see that his "theatrical" appearance is completely understandable for the character. His motive is semi understandable and his "Powers" are based in technology. His "abilities" can also be used to subtly reveal the origins of Spider-man through his use of hallucinogenics; Spider-man can hallucinate his uncles death and relive the moments that made him Spider-man.

There are many villains in Spider-mans rogues gallery and it would be impossible to touch on all of them. After seeing some successful portrayals of villains as well as some lackluster attempts. I, personally, wouldn't want to see Sandman or Electro again because they are still relatively fresh in the fans mind. I would want to see some refreshing characters that can lead up to big characters like Venom or Green Goblin.



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