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Ever since the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War was released, people have been talking about the revealing of Tom Holland's Spider-Man. This has caused both hype and hate for the Webslinger and for the film itself. Being someone who sees the good in the bad, I will highlight the harsh things people have said about Spidey's reveal, and what I think was actually a good move by Marvel.

Some Hate The Suit, But It's A Modern Take With Faith To The Comics

Online, I've seen plenty of negative feedback about this new version of the Spider-Suit, such as comments on pictures of the suit, or comments on the trailer. Some think the suit looks fake or doesn't have enough texture. However, the suit is very faithful to the Silver Age comics and is a throwback to the 60's TV show. The small logo on the front and the circular red logo on the back are a huge nod to the older version of the character, not to mention the movable eyes that show Spider-Man's emotions. The black portions of the suit also add a flashy, new feature of the suit that has never been displayed before, but sure looks awesome!

Some Are Mad About The Spoiler, But Others Are Hyped!

Many people are sad that Spider-Man was revealed in the trailer, because they were expecting to not know anything about him being on Iron Man's team, and not see what he looks like.

It's understandable, Marvel said they would release the trailer, but didn't say that Spider-Man would be in it, so that caused some fans to unwillingly see the Webslinger in action. Yes, he was spoiled big time, and some people might not even see the film anymore because they don't like the suit, but on the flip side, others might be much more hyped and excited to see him in action! I for one am a bit let down that I couldn't wait until the film comes out to see him, but at the same time I'm even more excited!

Some People Hate His Voice, But He's Supposed To Be A Teenager

Many people have critiqued the "odd" choice of casting young Tom Holland for the role. There has also been some criticism on his voice; judging from his line in the trailer, "Hey everyone". He has a high pitched voice and sounds like his voice has yet to deepen. Holland, who is 19, looks like a pretty young kid, and that's the point. He's supposed to be portraying a 16-17 year old version of Spider-Man, which is faithful to the comics, since Spidey is supposed to be a teenager. Tobey Maguire was 27 and Andrew Garfield was 29 when they began their Spider-career. Their bodies and voices were already developed, just barely passing off as high school kids. This time around we have a fresh, new, young actor to be our Peter Parker.

It Seems As Though Spidey Is On Iron Man's Team, But We Don't Know Yet

Well, yes, we saw Spider-Man taking away Captain America's shield and webbing his hands together, BUT, we're not sure if Spider-Man is really going to be on Iron Man's team judging from the 5 seconds we saw him. It's been stated heavily by the Russo Brothers that he will be "in the middle" of the conflict between Cap and Iron Man, so that only leaves fans to have their own speculation. Whose side will he really be on?

Get ready to see the Webslinger in action when Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters on May 6th!


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