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Forget about the frog, the pig, and the bear; throw out the Count and his cereal, and flip the bird to the big yellow guy! Transylvania TV is here and it's bringing a hilarious, grown up twist to puppet shows that will have kids of the 80's doing back flips!

From the mind of Matthew Gallagher comes Transylvania Television: Real Meanin' of Halloween Special Show.

A vampire and his monster minions run an obscure Transylvanian television station with the improbable power to reanimate dead TV shows. World domination is just around the corner, once they figure out how to get more than a .0002 rating. The TVTV Real Meanin’ of Halloween Special Show: A misfit band of monsters finds meaning in the most mystical holiday of the year.

Let me tell you now, Transylvania TV is NOT for kids...this one is all for the adults, but is it ever worth the watch! It's clever, vulgar, and downright fun! This show has the potential to take the comedy-horror genre by storm, and the producers at Filthy Fingernails, the parent company of the hit franchise Hillbilly Horror Show, couldn't wait to get it out there!

Now available for rent EXCLUSIVELY through the Hillbilly Horror Show website, via the Swigit app! That's right, watch it directly through the app on your laptop or mobile device, with easy purchase through credit card or PayPal.

So, pop open a bottle of Alan Alda '84, click the Swigit, and bring back your childhood memories with some grown-up flavor! You'll be glad you did!

WATCH Transylvania TV on Swigit HERE!

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