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Although it has yet to be confirmed, the likelihood of Darth Vader showing up in the next Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One film quite high. The story takes place a long, long time in a galaxy far, far away-around the same time as A New Hope. The plot is set to revolve around a group of rebel pilots, plotting to evade the Empire and take the plans for the Death Star. If we are ever going to witness the darkest of Vader's conflicted mind, Rogue One would be the ideal time.

If the rumors are to be true, we may get a small dose of Darth Vader at his worst in the upcoming film. Although this will be the first Star Wars Anthology film, not focusing on the Skywalkers or Jedi's necessarily, the timeline in which this takes place would be hard to ignore. If he is not in there at some point throughout the film, I'd see it as a missed opportunity. But who will don the helmet, cape and red lightsaber after all?

We all remember Revenge of The Sith, right? Although it may be the best of the prequels, it still did not please audiences the way it should have. Especially not with Hayden Christenson's performance. It had been rumored that he would have a small appearance as a force-ghost in The Force Awakens, below is concept art of what he may have looked like:

Torn between the Light and Dark sides of the Force
Torn between the Light and Dark sides of the Force

This is some pretty cool concept art, but I don't think that anyone is really complaining that Christenson did not reprise the role. I do not think we'll see him again in this universe.

With that said, a new face may be wearing the mask later this year. There are a few actors rumored to take on the character.

Although just a rumor, WWE star 'Shamus' has commented on this casting rumor as such;

"I can't confirm that I won't not be reprising role of Darth Vader in ... I hope that's clear @IrishMirror."


I won't really theorize about this too much, as I do not think it will happen by any means. In the late 90's the wrestler was cast as Vader in a few commercials for promotion, but I do not believe that it would go much further then that.

Three Actors Who Could Pull it Off:

James Purefoy

I think British actor James Purefoy would make for an excellent Darth Vader for a few reasons:

  • Stature, he stands at 6'1 and in costume would definitely have the presence of a menacing Sith Lord
  • Although he is not unknown, like John Boyega & Daisy Ridley he is not extremely popular-which I think may help with the marketing of the film
  • Purefoy makes for an excellent on-screen villain, check out TV show The Following if you're curious to see!

Forest Whitaker?

Forest Whitaker is known to have been casted in Rogue One, but as who? Although this amazing actor usually plays the good guy, it would be interesting to see him play a villain like Vader. Yes, we know that Vader is caucasian. However, that doesn't necessarily affect this casting option.

  • Always acts at 100%
  • He is tall, so his presence as Vader will definitely be intimidating
  • Whitaker has a presence, and I am interested to see what he may bring to the character and the Star Wars Universe even if he is not Darth Vader

Kevin Durand

I pick Durand as a third viable option due to his acting chops and screen presence.

  • We see him in blockbuster films, but I think this role would put him in a lot more then his usual supporting roles
  • He plays a great villain, and his size would just be another pro to his casting
  • Durand is in great physical shape, and I think that he could ad an action element to Vader that we are all dying to witness

In conclusion, I believe that any of these three actors would do a great job as Darth Vader. But what do you think? Is Hayden Christensen ready to reprise the role, or would you like to see a new cast member take this character head on in Rogue One?


Who would you like to see as Darth Vader


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