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There are two things in this world that are universal: love and music. Music is universal because no matter who is singing the song, if you can relate to it, you can understand it. Love is universal because we all experience it, whether it be through love for family and friends, or relationships with your lovers, husbands, or wives. It is good to broaden your horizons and listen to all kinds of music whether it is country, hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock, or alternative music because you never know what song will touch your heart. Lennon and Maisy are a real sister singing duo who will surprise you with their lovely harmonies and their musical talents. Their music could lift your spirits on your worst day! Let them inspire you as we take a journey to see how they came from humble beginnings in Ontario to show-stopping stardom in Nashville, Tennessee!

They Bring Back Feel Good Music!

In 2014, Lennon and Maisy proved that true beauty and innocence still exists in today's music when they sang an amazing rendition of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “That’s What’s Up.” When I listened to Lennon and Maisy for the first time on Youtube, I was captivated by their beautiful voices and was impressed by how young they were. They sing with such sweet sincerity and wholesomeness. They bring those deep country roots and '70s vibes to their music that make your heart sing and make you believe in love!

Music Is In Their Genes!

Lennon and Maisy grew up together on a secluded farm in the small town of Claremont, Ontario, where they traveled with their famous musical parents, the Stellas, to different shows and festivals. Lennon is the oldest at 16 and Maisy is 12. They were always interested in music from a very young age and wrote songs together. Lennon’s father taught her to play the guitar at the age of 5, and both girls know how to play a variety of instruments. They have never had any professional vocal or instrumental lessons. They are naturally talented and God blessed them with the ability to connect with audiences of all ages with their voices and positive messages.

How Did They Get On The ABC Show 'Nashville'?

Maisy, the youngest of the pair, caught the acting bug at an early age and had been featured in several commercials and music videos when she was younger. Their mom found out about a new ABC show called Nashville and Maisy immediately auditioned to play Rayna Jayme’s youngest daughter. When it was time for Maisy’s final auditions, the casting agents discovered Lennon and decided that both of them should be cast in the show! "I was on my final audition with this one other girl and we were on our way there in the car and the casting director called and said, 'Is Lennon with you? How fast can you get here?'" Maisy recalled. "I auditioned and I was so nervous," Lennon said. As fate would have it, both of them got the part!

They play the daughters of Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton), a legendary country music superstar, whose star begins to fade. Lennon plays Maddie Conrad, a rebellious teenager who wants to pursue a professional music career. She tends to butt heads with her mother because she wants Maddie to wait until she’s older to become a famous country star. Maisy plays Daphne Conrad, a little girl who looks up to her big sister Maddie and enjoys performing and singing with her. On season one of Nashville, Lennon & Maisy performed The Lumineers' "Ho Hey.” They have been featured on numerous soundtrack albums for Nashville. Lennon and Maisy will continue to be season regulars on the show because Nashville has been picked up for another 22-episode season.

Music Is The Key To Their Success!

Lennon and Maisy began starring in the ABC drama Nashville in October 2012. Before they could appear on the show, the girls had to try to increase publicity so they could apply for their work visas. In order to achieve this, they uploaded a cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend,” which went viral overnight. Because of their overnight success, they were invited to New York City to perform it on Good Morning America. From that moment on, their careers took off.

Lennon and Maisy eventually want to branch out and do their own projects, but I hope they stay together. They released an EP called Live YouTube Sessions in August 2012. Their YouTube channel now has over 50 million views and over 600,000 subscribers. For now, they are content with doing the show, Nashville, and attending public school. For girls at such a young age, they have been able to touch millions with their music. When they sing, their old souls are illuminated and their love and passion for music are ignited. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for them, whether it be movies, another TV show, or their own music albums!


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