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Here's an interesting fact - I've never seen a Superman film. Not a single one, ever. Despite that, I've now got tickets to the midnight screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. BVS, however won't be the first Superman film I see because Man Of Steel is being screened immediately before!

Superman has never appealed to me as a character, he's just always seemed a bit too vanilla. Nothing can really hurt him apart from a really rare green (or red, apparently) rock. Add to that the fact that his greatest nemesis is nothing more than a bald-headed bloke (who admittedly has a similar intellect to Bruce Wayne) how much danger can he really be in?

It's not like I've never seen anything with Superman before. The Dark Knight Returns is one of my favourite films, I've just never set out to read or watch anything focusing solely on that character. Despite all that, I couldn't be more excited for my first experience of the Man Of Steel. I'm so excited to be introduced to a relatively new (to me, anyway) universe because outside of Batman (and the recent DC TV shows), I've never dabbled in much DC at all. I've always been a Marvel guy, but only because my first comic was an X-Men book and I never felt the need to read anything else. I got into Batman in a big way, but never strayed outside of his hallowed pages as far as DC went.

One of the other reasons I can't wait is because of Zack Snyder. I know the guy might get some less-than-favourable comments online, but when it comes to action and large set pieces, the guy is an absolute master. Just take a look at 300 or Sucker Punch (which, despite what some people may think is absolutely stunning). I can't think of anyone better to give me my first experience of Superman, can you?

Because of my complete lack of interest in perhaps DC's biggest export, I know next to nothing about Man Of Steel, which in this day and age is quite an impressive feat if I do say so myself, so getting to watch it on the big screen with absolutely no spoilers, having seen no trailers and barely knowing the name of the antagonist is going to be a rare and cherished experience.

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