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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) hits theaters in less than two weeks, but once the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel set aside their differences, they still have quite a bit still left on their plates. And while we know that Doomsday and Lex Luthor will evidently play significant roles in the film, There’s a theory, courtesy of the folks at Screen Rant, going around the internet that suggests Easter eggs may also be planted for the inevitable arrival of Brainiac.

After logging in to or visiting the beta version, a message pops up on screen that reads:

Innovation is a human instinct. The desire to make our lives better, easier and safer has driven invention since man discovered fire. In the 21st century, we are innovating automation. An age of machines that will 'think' for us, freeing up human brain power to tackle the world’s bigger questions. When machines behave like machines, they can be compromised. But when machines begin to behave more like humans, that complexity and uniqueness can make us more secure. LEX/OS is the world’s first neural network based operating system. We’re teaching it to think like a human, but we need your help. As a Beta Tester, your actions will teach the system how humans solve problems. Each time you participate, the system will get smarter. Ready to get started?

Screen Rant suggests that the Lex/OS operating system advertised in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice viral campaign may actually be laying the groundwork for Brainiac’s eventual arrival in the DCEU rather than being a brilliant way to lean on the fourth wall. The verified website describes the operating system as 'the world’s first neural network based operating system' which will herald an 'age of machines that will think for us, freeing up human brain power to tackle the world’s bigger questions.' Now, anyone who knows anything about the history of artificial intelligence in film knows that this isn't remotely a good sign for our heroes.

Brainiac is arguably the most intelligent being in the known

universe. He’s a longtime foe of the Justice League with very strong ties to Superman’s origins tracing all the way back to Krypton. In the comics, Brainiac is dubbed the Collector of Worlds because the techno-organic being sorts the multiverse in search of worlds to add to his collection and increase his knowledge. His intelligence makes him one of Superman’s and the Justice League's most dangerous enemies, and difficult to destroy. This version of Brainiac could play a similar role to Skynet in the now downhill Terminator franchise or Ultron in last year's Avengers: Age of Ultron, a ubiquitous, advanced artificial intelligence that eventually comes to the realization that humanity is obsolete as every AI does in their lifetime.

Lex/OS serving as the foundation for Brainiac within the DCEU makes a great deal of sense because it all stems back to Lex Luthor, who would potentially serve as this universe's Loki, a trickster who has his hands rooted in all sorts of trouble in the Marvel universe. Another possibility is the fact that Luthor may not even have created Lex/OS at all. The billionaire could have reverse engineered the operating system from technology salvaged from Zod’s invasion of Earth without knowing Brainiac was hiding inside of the computers in the vein of how he supposedly used the Kryptonian's DNA to create Doomsday. Rumors suggested that Brainiac was the villain of Justice League: Part One. Director Zack Snyder even name dropped him once upon a time.

What do you make of this? Could Lex/OS represent the first cinematic incarnation of Brainiac or is it simply just a fun piece of viral marketing?


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