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A movie twist is a narrative shift in a film or TV series, which can shock and amaze viewers at the same time. A great way to become memorable, and make a movie stick in the person's head for days, if the twist is good enough.

Now, this two-parter is gonna focuse on 10 of the best movie twists of all time. This part is gonna focuse on the best ones, and the second part on the good, but little ridiculous ones.

Gotta put this out there: Spoiler ALERT, in case you haven't seen these films, in which case, GO SEE THEM, you twat!

#1: Verbal Kint Is Actually Keyser Soze | The Usual Suspects

Best. Twist. Ever.
Best. Twist. Ever.

Now, the twist itself is pretty basic, this guy turns out to be this other guy, BIG SHOCKER! But the way this film builded up to the reveal was the real magic. When the line-up happens, you think that one of these guys has to be Keyser, but who? No one expected the cripple and mentally handicap Verbal Kint, who at that point, was the least suspicious, which thanks to Kevin Spacey's spectacular acting, made audiences believe Verbal was just a cripple, a nobody, then the end happens, with the camera showcasing his feet, slowly as he begins to set his foot straight, and walk normally.

Then lights up a cigarette, and the reveal made history.

To this day, my favorite twist of all time.

Witness the epic scene here:

#2: The Narrator And Tyler Durden Are The Same Person | Fight Club

Favorite film. EVER.
Favorite film. EVER.

Fight Club: I can't stress this enough, but this film is a masterpiece and my favorite film of all time, and i worship it. You're probably thinking when reading this 'No it's not, you idiot!' but yes, it is a master piece of cinematography, story and characters, and that explains why it's everybody's favorite film of all time.

(Hell, i bath with the soup from the film.....Don't judge me)

The whole film kept you hooked, just wondering what is gonna happen, the sneaky foreshadowing of this twist was brilliant! With half a second tweaks, like in the first 20 minutes of the film, for half a second, Tyler Durden would appear in some scenes he wasn't even in, and in scenes with the Narrator, now that is the most blink-and-you'll miss it type of crap, so be on the look out for those, man.

Edward Norton's The Narrator be-friends the careless and cool Tyler Durden played perfectly by Brad Pitt, and joins an underground Fight Club, which spirals out of damn control and results in them being a terrorist organization, and The Narrator wants to stop it all- But he can't stop.....himself!

And finally, in the end, it is revealed that the Narrator is in fact...Tyler Durden! And that he made Tyler up so he can be confident, and escape his miserable reality, and the whole Project Mayhem was done by him, and that he's the mastermind of all of this.

Crazy twist, right?

And quick note, guys, if you ever wanted Fight Club 2 but knowing a film sequel will NEVER, EVER happen, than check out the comic book series by the author of the book the film was based, and it's pretty much the closest thing we will ever get to an actual sequel.

Witness the epic scene here:

Here's a link to read it for free, if you're that lazy to pick it up. (Thank me, later).

Here you go (Only 1st issue, mate):

#3: It Was Mill's Wife's Head In The Box | Se7en

It's so....goddamn sad, mate!
It's so....goddamn sad, mate!

Se7en was David Fincher's first film (the less is talked about Alien 3, the better) and it kickstarted the carrer of one of my two all time favorite directors, David Fincher.

Se7en (Really clever title, by the way) follows two detectives, David Mills and William Somerset following a serial killer who treats his victims as the Seven Deadly Sins.

Pretty f**cked up things, right? A guy made to eat his way to death, a model's face skinned, and another one sexually assaulted with a metal s***p on, and other messed up things. You know, good ol' stuff.

Then after the killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) gives himself in, and then in the end, in the middle of a desert, a mysterious package, and it's shockingly revealed that the containings of the box is....the head of Mill's wife, Tracy.

My initial reaction was just pure shock. For the first time watching this film, and fortunately, not knowing anything about this twist, also added to the shock factor.

Witness the epic scene, here:

#4: Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's Father | Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Now, i am not a huge Star Wars fan, but i do like it, and if you're a Star Wars fan and you love it, then check out my mate, Gusto who happens to write on this site (

Anyways, this twist has to be the most popular one on this list, everyone knows it, it has been referenced, parodied and brought up so many times, it's ridiculous.
When Han Solo, Leia, Chewie, C3-PO and R2-D2 are captured on Cloud City by the Empire, Luke quits his training to save them, and then battles Vader on Bespin, and the reveal happens!


Witness it here:

#5: Leonard Raped And Killed His Wife |Memento

HOLY F**CK, what a twist!
HOLY F**CK, what a twist!

Now, the twist ending in Memento is something much people didn't understand, but let me break it down for 'ya:

Leonard wakes up, and can't produce new memories, and leaves cliffnotes to himself to find out who raped and killed his wife, but in the end: He raped and killed his wife, and with him not able to produce new memories, he hunts down innocent men, thinking they killed and rapes his wife.

A little stupid but great twist.

{Part 2 on the way, mate}


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