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Kasia Gryzlo

Cinema has never been an isolated art form, and never will be. Watch a beautiful video made by a fillmmaker Vugar Efendi, showing how film gets its inspiration from an older sister.

Efendi comments:

Art inspires cinema, cinema inspires art. As lover of both, I just wanted to look into films that are inspired by famous paintings throughout history. There are plenty of movies more to include, maybe for a second part in the future.

Painting precedes cinema by hundreds of years, and since they are both visual arts, it shouldn't be surprising that films were heavily affected by an older art form.

However, movies have been around for quite a bit, and I've been wondering how the situation looks the other way around. I mean, how modern painting has been influenced by cinema.

I am sure there are many fantastic examples, maybe you have some? Share your thoughts with us!



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