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Video games have become incredibly realistic over the last several years. Sometimes, you can’t even tell the difference between a game and real-life. Square Enix has spent a lot of time blurring the line between the two and recently they took that a step farther. As a matter of fact, they just went ahead and completely erased that line.

The popular video game developing company recently gave a handful of people the experience of a lifetime. Ahead of the release of the next installment in their incredibly popular HITMAN series, they built a real live set to play home to a very different gaming experience. Rather than just play the game with a controller, these people got to control a real Agent 47 by feeding him directions on how to take out his target and get away clean.

Check out the full experience here!

As you can see, while everything may not have gone exactly according to plan, everyone involved had a great time acting as the handler for Agent 47.

You may not get to control your very own real-life Agent 47, but with new HITMAN title recently released you can have the next best thing. The flexible gameplay you saw in the real-life version of the game comes directly from the game itself. Any and all methods of eliminating your target that your creative mind can come up with are fair game. The world of assassination just got a whole lot more interesting!


Are you going to get the new HITMAN?


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