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If you haven't seen Daredevil season 1 and Agents of Shield, there will be spoilers ahead.

If you remember from episod 7 of Daredevil season 1, there was this kid called Black Sky in a container who was really dangerous and I have a theory about Black Sky.

If you have seen Agents of Shield and Agent Carter, there have been a thing called Zero Matter or Darkforce. And as it looks that is the same material the Monolith is made of in Agents of SHIELD.

Darkforce is solid at one moment and liquid in another.

Maybe the name Black Sky came to mind because of what the Darkforce looked like and did.

What if that kid has been effected of the Darkforce and can kill people by touching them. And that is why the kid is so dangerous. Because if that kid touches you, you will end upp just like the guy above.

And for you who have seen episode 7 of Daredevil

We know that Stick killed the kid. So he will not appear anytime in the future.

Or will he?


What do you think about this?


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