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Are you a Pokemon fan who is tired of the same old mechanics over and over again? Pokemon has had the problem of boasting repetitive gameplay over the years, and although games like Pokemon X and Y have provided a refreshing experience with the leap to 3D, Pokemon still feels the same as it always has and this has to do with the nostalgic power of this series that has been around for over 20 years!

Hardcore Pokemon fans love the series and the gameplay mechanics that have stuck around. They've even embraced new mechanics like the mega-evolution, amongst other things.

However, on March 18, 2016, Pokken Tournament will see a worldwide release on the Wii U and completely change the face of the Pokemon franchise! Here are the three amazing reasons why.

3. You Have Complete Control Over Your Pokemon

With game mechanics that echo that of the Tekken franchise, Pokken Tournament allows for fighters to take total control of their Pokemon. No longer will players have to constantly use "agility" to raise their Pokemon's dodge stat and then wait with baited breath to see if their Pokemon will dodge the oncoming attack — they can just input for their Pokemon to move to the side, and it will listen.

Want your Pokemon to block? There's a shield option to block attacks too! The game sheds the slow, turnbased gameplay for fast exciting mano-a-mano battles!

2. You Can Play As Your Favorite Iconic Pokemon, And More

Pokken Tournament boasts an impressive roster of 48 Pokemon, including iconic Pokemon such as Charizard, Pikachu, Blaziken, and more. There are also alternate versions of some fan favorites, such as Pikachu Libre, the high-flying wrestler alternate of the franchise mascot, Pikachu!

The best part is that these alternates have varied move sets from the originals too, so there aren't any clones of fighters in this game! Here's a look at Pikachu Libre's moveset:

1. Nintendo Is Advocating A Competitive eSports Scene For This Game

Just a few days ago, Nintendo launched an announcement video with several player profiles selected for their early access competition trainers program. Among these players are several notable fighting game players, such as legend Justin Wong, who's known for his excellent performance in Street Fighter IV, and this hallmark clip from EVO 2004:

We also have Nairo, one of the best Super Smash Bros 4 players in the world, who's proved his ability in tournaments time and time again:

And by announcing that these players will take the helm of Pokken Tournament's competitive scene, Nintendo is basically advocating for the game as an eSport, so we'll have a whole new addition to the fighting game scene as well!

And there you have it, my top three reasons to be hyped for the release of Pokken Tournament. Tell me what you think of them and the game in the comments below!


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