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Dan Lambert

OK fans of The Flash TV series, we saw the face revealed of someone that looks just like Jay Garrick. But,there have been rumors that our mystery man is an alternate universe Jay Garrick or even comics' own version of Zoom Hunter Zolomon.

Zoom is neither of the above. FLASH FACT ! Zoom is actually one Malcom Thawne(Allen). You see Allen in parentheses? That's because he's actually Barry's BROTHER given up for adoption. In the Comics he's known as Cobalt Blue and is known for trying to steal Barry's speed,i.e. Speed Force. Barry's dad,Henry,played by John Wesley Shipping, will be back to the series very soon and this revelation will come then.

Here is a little information on Cobalt Blue for those not as familiar with the comic character. Anyway, I for one can't wait for The Flash's brief hiatus to be over and see one of my all-time favorite characters smashing Rogues again.


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