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Christina Grybel

This is going to be a series--centered around shows that had potential and should have been on tv longer than they have before getting canceled.

First up, "I'm With Her". This was a show aired 2003-2004, starting Teri Polo, David Sutcliffe, Danny Comden and Rhea Seehorn. Teri Polo might be the only name you are most familiar with (she is currently on the Fosters), but the other three have had successful careers after this show was canceled.

"I'm With Her" was about a Hollywood actress dating a regular guy. The only other show I can think of that was similar to this was "Joey" (the Friends spin-off). "I'm With Her" lasted 1 season (22 episodes), that unfortunately ended in a cliff hanger. Little piece of trivia for y'all: This show was loosely inspired by the creator, Chris Henchy and his wife, Brooke Sheilds (who was also a guest star in an episode).

Each episode had an obstacle that the lead couple had to deal with while they worked on their growing relationship. During each episode you just couldn't help but to root for the couple. How they dealt with things from each of their lifestyle felt real. And how the actress and the guy met certainly was realistic. And this show was on long before anyone could score a date with an actor/actress by posting a video on Youtube.

This show had plenty of celebrity appearances--Joan Rivers, Betty White, Burt Young, Penny Marshall, Henry Dinkler, just to name a few. They also had plenty of name drops--Harrison Ford, Leno, Collin Farrel, Cameron Diaz, just to name a few. And the theme song was performed by Sugar Ray.

I believe that this show could have lasted at least until season 3. And it was terrible that it ended on a cliffhanger--never to be officially settled. I will not spoil what the cliffhanger was--but if you need to know, feel free to search the Internet for it.

It seems that these days, Hollywood is big on rebooting and redoing (and creating "sequels" to past shows, example Girl Meets World). Perhaps this show should get a proper reboot. Who would you think the actress would be that falls in love with the regular guy? Or would you have it gender switched, meaning, an actor falling in love with a regular girl? Or maybe this would become a series about a Youtube star falling in love with a random commenter? What do you think some episodes would be about?


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