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The mobile game market is full of crummy knockoff games, and 70% of the time (made up statistic, but it's still true) you'll delete any game you download on your phone a few minutes after you open it. However, Puzzle & Dragons is not one of those games.

Boasting addictive gameplay, fun and breathtaking visuals, and frequent updates, Puzzle and Dragons is a game that has stayed at the top of the app market in the U.S. and in Japan for the last few years!


The core gameplay centers around color orb matching, bejeweled style. However, the player has around 4 seconds to move the orbs in whichever direction then want, and the orb switches places with the orb located in the space it moves to. This can be seen in the Puzzle and Dragon's official North American ad (starring none other than Colton Haynes from Arrow):

And whichever colors are matched after the combos resolve, those same colored monsters on your team will attack! These monsters represent the collection aspect of the game, with monsters of all rarities at one's disposal.

How you Get New Monsters:

There are different classes of monsters in Puzzle & Dragons, and as a player, you are given enough tools at your disposal to progress decently to mid-game with whatever monsters you collect. However, the most highly coveted monsters are Gods, and they come from the Rare Egg Machine, or the REM, as those of us who play have coined it.

You meet this little guy at the beginning of the game, and he gives you your first rare leader (after you finish the tutorial, you are given 5 magic stones, in game currency for the first pull). Many players will often take whatever leader they are given and keep playing, but most of the time, the monsters pulled will be garbage, and will not last until the end game. There is actually a strategy called "rerolling" which involved deleting and restarting the game after the tutorial in order to land the God you want before progressing through the game. The strategy can be viewed her:

That being said, collecting rare monsters and showing them off on your teams is one of the best feelings you can get, and this game allows you to do this in different ways.

What Separates PaD from Other Mobile Games:

Players are usually given one stone a day in their mailbox, and they gain one stone every time they clear a full dungeon set, and this will give non-in app purchase players (non-iap) a chance to roll great monsters. And the trick to doing this is timing your rolls to overlap with Godfests. GungHo (the company behind Puzzle and Dragons) will oftentimes announce a Godfest twice every month, and Godfests give a 3x boost to the chances of attaining certain types of Gods. These are the most optimal time to spend stones and pull for Gods, because you're almost guaranteed to pull one.

However, players who do spend money on the game (in-app purchase players or IAP) will often get the best gods, and the best teams, simply because they have the option of pulling whenever they want. That being said, you can still progress to end game without spending money, and many players have done this.

A Little Extra Incentive :

Puzzle & Dragons also partner with different animation companies to give players special monsters in the form of collaborations.

Whether it be Batman, Dragonball Z, Bleach, Neon Genesis Evangelion, at special times, GungHo will partner up with different companies and provide players with special collectible units from these shows! I'm fond of my Robin unit myself, since I love his art in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up this great mobile game today! And tell me what you think about it below!


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