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*This article contains spoilers for key events in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 1. If you do not want to know anything big about the show, I advise you to leave now.*

"Expect the unexpected" is probably a good catchphrase for [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), because some crazy things have happened on the show, and some have yet to be explained. Some characters' stories have already been taken care of, but others — well, their stories need some more looking into.

The show is rumored to be an anthology series, meaning each season will see a different line-up. But what will happen to the characters of Season 1? Well, let's speculate!

Captain Rip Hunter

I think this one may be obvious, but I'll still say my theory. Since Rip Hunter was the one to create the Legends of Tomorrow, and because he is the leader and owns the time-traveling ship, the Waverider, he will probably continue as the leader of the team. I don't see how this show could go on without the leader of the team, and come on, Rip is awesome!

The ATOM (Ray Palmer)

Ray Palmer is my favorite character on the show. He's just great! But I don't see him as a very important person while he's not on the team. So, I think he will stay on the team for Season 2, or I at least hope he does. Sure, he could go back to present day 2016, and join Team Flash or Arrow, but his place is on Legends. Plus, I think we need at least one returning member besides Rip Hunter, and Ray is one of the best options for that. Him returning could result in him or Rip dying in Season 2, and if Rip died Ray could become the leader of the Legends.

Firestorm (Martin Stein and Jefferson "Jax" Jackson)

Firestorm is one hero, but two people. Jax and Martin Stein make up Firestorm, and while I love both of them, I think they need to leave the team. By the end of Season 1 these two should go back to present day 2016, and work with Team Flash. Have Franz Drameh and and Victor Garber become main cast members for Season 3 of The Flash, and you're set!

White Canary (Sara Lance)

Sara's story is the one I'm most interested in, and I think it's the most recent. In the last episode, "Night of the Hawk," Sara developed a crush on Lindsay Carlisle. The producers of the show set this up pretty well, because I think when the Legends defeat Vandal Savage, Sara is going to be dropped off in Oregon in 1958, where she will get back together with Lindsay. I think this is the best option for her as she doesn't really have a place anywhere/when else. Plus, this would offer for a great spin-off in the future: White Canary in Oregon in 1958, where she is still a hero/vigilante, but this time it's set in the past (now I actually really want this spin-off).

Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders)

Yes, I know, Carter died early on in the series — but he will come back. He does reincarnate. Plus, the team could somehow go back in time and save him, which I'm surprised they haven't already done. But we know he'll return, but we don't know when or where. I am including him mainly for Hawkgirl, because those two must be together. I think by the time Vandal Savage is defeated, Hawkgirl will be sent back to 2016 where she will search for the reincarnated Carter. Then, those two will be the heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl, which also wouldn't be a bad idea for a spin-off series.

Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)

Captain Cold is just kind of a wild card. I have no idea what will happen to him. He could be the one to stay on the team with Rip instead of Ray, he could maybe die, or he could go back to 2016 to do who knows what. I really like Snart, and hopefully he doesn't die. I think the two best options for him are either stay on the team with Rip or go back to 2016 and be an antihero (which, also wouldn't make a half-bad spin-off as well).

Heat Wave (Mick Rory)

I refuse to believe Mick is dead, and I bet you do too. In Episode 7, titled "Marooned," Mick went berserk, and he betrayed the team. Eventually the team apprehended him and told Captain Cold to take care of him. At the end of the episode, Snart took him to an unknown place and time and shot his cold gun at him — or so we thought. We are led to believe he is dead, but what I believe happened, is that Snart either purposely missed, or he shot him in a way that wouldn't kill him. From then on, Mick was eventually recruited by the Time Masters, and he became the bounty hunter Chronos. Maybe the reason he wears the suit is because he was severely injured by Snart's gun. I think the reason Chronos is the one going after the team is because he wants revenge on them for "betraying him" and leaving him for dead. I actually got some of this idea from Kayti Burt's article on, titled 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Is Chronos a Member of the Legends?

Well, there you have it. Those are my theories on what will happen to each member of the Legends of Tomorrow, even the dead and presumably dead ones. This article did kind of turn into a "What would make a good Arrowverse spin-off" article, but that's okay. But maybe it isn't a bad idea for some of these characters to leave the team then star in their own spin-off, especially the White Canary one, which is now one of the spin-offs I want most.

But what do you think? What will happen to the current and past members of the Legends of Tomorrow? Is Heat Wave Chronos? Have any other theories? Please, let me know!


Which of my theories do you believe will happen?


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