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People don't write music, it's given to them. - Hank Williams, Sr.

When you think about Tom Hiddleston, what do you think of? Probably Loki, the Norse god of mischief, right? Thor's brother? The bad guy from The Avengers?

Well, get ready to think of Hank Williams, Sr. instead. The English heartthrob and dastardly villain has hung up his horned helmet and picked up a pair of cowboy boots and a bolo tie.

The famous country singer and 2 time ex-member of the Grand Ol' Opry (he was kicked out twice for his raging alcoholism and boorish behavior) is coming to the big screen on March 25th in the new film, I Saw The Light.

In the above trailer, Hiddleston practically transforms into the country legend as he goes through the ups and downs of a life spent with a couple guitars, a few women, and a lot of bottles of whiskey. Williams struggled with alcohol and drugs his entire life and lived a notoriously rough like on the road.

From his nearly identical look to his trademark southern drawl, Hiddleston perfectly portrays the man that didn't get to see 30, but can still be heard up and down the streets of Nashville, even decades after his horrible death.

With early screenings of the film praising the cast and the way in which the filmmakers stuck to the true stories about the country singer, our hopes are high for this biopic. Maybe with a little bit of that Hiddleston magic and a good band to back him up, those of us who weren't lucky enough to see the man in the flesh can imagine just how great he must have been...and just how wild.


Do you think that Tom Hiddleston looks like Hank Williams, Sr.?


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