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Her name is Katie McGrath and she's the wife of J.J. Abrams. I loved the Star Trek movies, but there were these certain things in there that people hated! So, all the people who hated the lens flares in the Star Trek movies owe her gratitude for Star Wars. Check out this video of Abrams on Stephen Colbert!

Here's exactly what he said on the Late Show:

“Katie’s told me to stop a lot of things. But lens flares, I was like ‘OK. I’ll stop with it.’ There was one scene in Star Trek into Darkness where you literally couldn’t see what was going on, and it was a very important, emotional scene. Alice Eve, the actress, was somewhere behind this crazy lens flare glaring, and Katie looked at me and said, ‘OK, I think this is it.”

So -- Mr. Abrams -- You put lens flares on her emotional scene, but this one you decided against. I don't understand your reasoning? Both are important scenes to further assist the plot of the movie and --- I wonder what you're wife said about the absence of lens flares in this important part of the movie? (We wouldn't want anything obstructing this view!)

I must say --- I did not think I would like Star Trek and I ended up loving it. I did however notice the abundance of these little annoying flares. I am not a filmmaker, but I don't really understand the purpose of having all these lens flares. I understand you want a certain aesthetic, but what purpose do they actually serve.

He just directed the third-biggest movie ever and with success, comes criticism. He's definitely one of the most talented individuals working today and I'm glad that he listens to his wife --- especially when she's right.

Thank you Katie McGrath, I really appreciate it! Did the lens flares in Abrams' previous movies bother you?

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (via Screenrant)


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