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Forget winter. Spring is coming.

That's what Starz decided to use as a headline on its teaser for the upcoming . Personally, I think the teaser speaks for itself - and very loudly at that - but take a look at it yourself.


Barely thirty seconds and so much going on!

[Spoiler warning]

This second season of Outlander is based upon Diana Gabaldon's second book in the series, called Dragonfly in Amber. Diana is a talented, award-winning author and this book shows it even better than the first.

You see, Outlander is all about time-traveling and Dragonfly has a whole bunch of it. The twists and turns in time and in the narrative take us from 1968 in Scotland to 1744 France and then back to Scotland - only this time still in 1745.

The basic plot in the second season will be Claire and Jamie's attempt at changing the future of Scotland and the outcome of the Jacobite war. The teaser has some pretty vivid battle scenes - probably Prestopans and Culloden - that seem to be straight from the book.


We also have Paris (and Fergus!) in all its bright colors. A great part of this season will revolve around the Frasers' move to France and making useful connections, both as a means of survival and for the Jacobite cause. In these twenty-something seconds they've given us, it's possible to spot Count St. German and the wonderful Versailles once more.

Master Raymond
Master Raymond

Starz has also released some promotional photos which introduce us to Master Raymond, Mother Hildegard and Bonnie Prince Charlie. There's also a still of Claire in the infamous red dress (no, I'm not spoiling this one!).

Someone fans have been dying to get a glimpse of is Claire and Jamie's daughter, Brianna. Ever since she's been (finally) cast - along with her love interest Roger Wakefield - we have been wondering how their part of the time skip will be played out in the series. The new teaser has absolutely left us wondering still.

Yes, we see hints of Claire being pregnant - and we know she is - but nothing of Brianna herself. Interestingly enough, though the official trailer for Season 2 showed us Frank and Claire interacting, after she gets back to 1948, this one had nothing extra on that front (quite a bummer).

Frank Randall
Frank Randall

This season of Outlander promises us healing, love, treason, war and some more time skipping, and both trailers do a wonderful job in keeping us on our toes.

Season 2 of 'Outlander' premiers Saturday, April 9, on Starz


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