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While people are still freaking out about the appearance of Spider-Man in the new trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), I'm still upset about one thing that seems to be at the center of the film. Something that doesn't really gel with the rest of the film series in the MCU.

Captain America and Iron Man Aren't Really "Friends"

Yeah, Spider-Man is cool and yes, I know that the team still has time to fix the...seemingly substandard CGI used to animate him, but this is way more important. It is integral to the film! Captain America and Iron Man seem to be some sort of dynamic duo that is now split up because of their disagreement on government oversight. That's cool, that's fine. I have read the Civil War series and this goes along with the original story fairly well, but this whole "will they or won't they" thing going on between them seems to be a bit emotionally over-exaggerated for my liking.

Do Tony and Steve like each other? Possibly. In some very, very, very small and backhanded way. But why does the trailer insist on making this seem as if the two of them were brothers, broken apart by an argument. At most they are partners, at least they are associates, so why does the drama get turned up to 11 during all of these fight scenes. The MCU just hasn't shown off this sort of brotherly connection between the two and now it seems as if it is going to be played up to the max for the most possible dramatic effect.

I would much rather watch a Captain America: Civil War where Tony and Steve are who they have been for the past few movies—two superheroes who have to work together and who can sometimes begrudgingly get along, not without Stark throwing in more than a few dozen verbal jabs the Cap's way.

Do These Guys Look Like Friends?

What About These Guys?

I don't know about you, but I have never really seen any type of brotherhood between these two. To me, they fought the bad guys and then they went home. Tony always seemed like he'd hang out with Black Widow or Dr. Banner over the boy in the Red, White, and Blue. And Cap? He likes to sit in nursing homes with old and sad ladies. Not exactly the life of the party.

Am I excited for Captain America: Civil War? Absolutely. Am I ready to watch Captain America and Iron Man throw down for real? Hell yes. But I do wish that the films would be more consistent with the relationships that they have created in these prior movies. I mean, what's the good of connecting and building a huge MCU if you just play fast and loose with the details in order to make for a more dramatic showdown? I promise, Tony and Steve have enough anger and built up tension as it already is. Marvel doesn't need to add a "betrayed brother" aspect to this whole thing to get us excited.

By the way...Iron Man is going to kick Captain America's ass


Who's side are you on? Captain America's or Iron Man's?


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