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If you're a Star Wars fan and you haven't watched Mr. Plinkett's reviews of the Star Wars prequels...stop reading this and click this link. Then this link. And finally, this link. *NSFW*

Seriously. I'll wait. Just come back to this tab when you're done.

I first watched these reviews at a time in which I still had some relatively good feelings about the Star Wars prequels. I was very young when they came out and I loved the Star Wars universe soooooo much that I really had fooled my brain into thinking that I had enjoyed the first 3 movies in the Star Wars nine-quel (?). But after watching these horrifically obscene and disturbing reviews...I realized just how bad these movies really were. Nothing but nostalgia had powered my passion for them and it took a serial-killing, sociopathic, shut-in with a fetish for Totino's Pizza Rolls to open my eyes to this fact.

The character of Harry S. Plinkett is a creation of Red Letter Media's Mike Stoklasa, a director and movie critic who helps run a small digital media company based out of Wisconsin. With their popular channel, Red Letter Media, the small company and group of friends review movies, video games, and popular culture, in the most depraved, offensive, and technically specific way possible. Although the channel is no stranger to cursing, mentions of bestiality, and drug addiction, they really do pay attention to some of the most complex, integral, and overlooked elements of filmmaking and storytelling. You might learn about how Mr. Plinkett's son hung himself in shame...or you might find out what a Dutch angle is! You never know with Red Letter Media.

With other reviews of popular movies including Titanic, Star Trek, Avatar, and many more, the man they call Plinkett probably has reviewed a movie that is near and dear to you. But if you like video games or just want to hear some reviews of movies that are coming out soon or were just released? RLM has you covered there too. With their web series lineup, almost any movie/pop culture geek can find something to make them laugh or think on this channel.

I'm one of those people who finds different internet personalities and sticks with the ones I like for years. There is something really cool about getting to know these people, or at least feeling like you're getting to know these people, especially when you can tell that they have fun with each other while bringing you the media you want.

Check out Red Letter Media and Mr. Harry S. Plinkett...just don't bring your kids or your mom to the computer with you.


What movie should Harry S. Plinkett review next?


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