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I've been looking forward to the trailer's release and the movie since they dropped the teaser trailer. In fact, I was a fan when it was pretty much just getting started and they were looking for people to back them on their website, That being said, you might not have seen it yet. Check out the trailer below:

Now that you've watched that, let's talk about it. The story's about two girls who are both trying to figure things out, and how their friendship still connects their lives. Mackenzie (Elise Bauman) is trying to figure out her sexuality and come to terms with that. She's also beginning to date girls and has met Elliot (Winny Clarke.) Cassie (Natasha Negovanlis) has just ended a long relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, Matthew. She's also trying to deal with the fact that her best friend hid her sexuality.

Hiding your sexuality from a friend is something that happens, and that could use addressing. Personally, I know how that feels. It isn't so much that you're thinking they'll reject you it's that you might think everyone will. Coming out of the closet is terrifying. I think even the calmest people freak out a little and come up with bad what if scenarios. Of course, it could just be me. I don't claim to speak for everyone on the issue.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of two girls who feel themselves drifting away. They don't want to, but sometimes life has a habit of doing that. When it does, you have to then choose if you want to make the effort to stay in touch with them and keep the friendship, or if you want to just let them drift away.

The movie is aiming to have a multi-faceted plot and I look forward to watching it. A Canadian film with Canadian actresses, it's nice to see the trailer of a film made in my wonderful country! By the way, when it comes out you're going to want that link to their website because they'll let you know when it's done and ready to watch!

What about you? Are there any movies you're looking forward to seeing? Will you give Almost Adults a watch when it comes out?


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