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AMC aired the thirteenth episode of Season 6 of their hit show,

The Walking Dead, on Sunday, March 13th 2016. It was titled "The Same Boat" and this episode had featured a boatload (get the joke?)of character development in it, but along with that, they had told a great story.

The Walking Dead 613 Review

This episode picks directly up after the events of 612. Rick asks Paula for Maggie and Carol back, in exchange for Primo. When I learned this episode would mainly follow two of our characters, I thought it would be a boring filler episode, but I had learned throughout the episode that I was wrong. This episode had my heart rate skyrocketing.

Was Carol only acting scared, or was that real fear for her character?

Melissa McBride's character has really appeared as the most badass cookie making fighter in the apocalypse ever since she (SPOILER) blew up Terminus in the premier episode of the fifth season. In this episode, we saw Carol turn to religion and act afraid toward her captors, but to me, and I'm sure many other fans, Carol seemed genuinely afraid for once. The way she said "I think I've killed 18 people", it seems like she has finally realized what she has done, and it almost seemed like she doesn't want to kill, which will make her weak, and we all know what happens when you become weak in the apocalypse.

What we learned in this episode about the Saviors

This episode really gave us more intel on the Saviors. In the episode, we saw 9 saviors, all (except one) of whom would be directly or indirectly killed by Carol and Maggie. After Rick and co. had attacked one of the saviors compound in 612, killing 20+ Saviors, we thought they were gone, but after 9 more appeared in the episode, I'm starting to think Rick's group may be outnumbered. In the episode, the saviors had walker traps rigged on the kill floor, including having walkers impaled on sticks. Their armory contained many weapons, leading me to believe that they are very well guarded and well equip. We saw that the Saviors are also very good fighters, that showed especially when Michelle fought Maggie, resulting in Michelle's death. During the episode, we saw another Savior, Molly, tell Carol and Maggie that they are all Negan. What this says to me is that they are all very strong and ready to fight at any moment.

What impact will this episode have on future episodes?

Over the course of 6B, we have seen the deaths of around 35 Saviors, 9 of those deaths taking place in this episode. Being a reader of the comics, I know that Negan wont be to happy to find out that 35 (or more) of his men were killed, all at the hands of Rick's group. This leads me to believe that we infact will see the iconic scene from issue 100 of the comics, where Negan and his men line up Rick and some of his group up.

In issue 100 in the comics, After lining them up, Negan eventually chooses Glenn to kill and Glenn gets his head bashed in by Lucielle, Negan's barbed wired baseball bat.

My opinion of "The Same Boat"

In my opinion, this episode was great. as I said earlier in the article, I thought this would be a really slow filler episodes like we've seen in the past. I loved that even though this episode mainly focused on two characters, it still had me on the edge of my seat for all 60 minutes. I would rate this episode a 9 out of 10.

Don't miss the fourteenth episode of Season Six "Twice As Far" on AMC, airing next Sunday, March 20, at 9/8c.


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