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Luis Enrique Victoria

Hello! My name is Luis Enrique Victoria, and for the past six weeks, I have been part of an online writing course called MoviepilotU, or MPU. Moviepilot University teaches and highlights the most effective elements of writing articles in weekly videos, elements such as creating the perfect title, choosing the best pictures, investing emotion in writing, and specificity. I feel that the program has made me and my fellow MPUers much better writers and transformed us into more knowledgable individuals who show quality effort in writing successfully for the digital age! There are many amazing things about the course. It puts each and every student in a position where they can open up their minds to achieve great success, while having fun and embracing their work at the same time! Here's why YOU should join MPU in its next run!

You Meet A Lot Of People Who You Can Become Close With And Have The Same Interests

During my time in MPU, I met a lot of people who love writing just like I do, and share the same interests with me. It felt awesome knowing that I'm not the only one who likes Bates Motel, American Crime, The Revenant, and likes pouring their hearts out writing about it. I feel like I grew close with everyone I met and talked to, and we motivated each other to grow as people and improve as writers along the way.

You Learn From The Pros

In the MPU course, you are assigned a mentor that you can go to for help, and also annotates your articles before you post them to let you know what you can do to improve and what you've done well. These are experienced writers who know what it takes to be a brilliant creator. They are willing to help you every step of the way to become just like them, all the while writing about what you love and adding your own flare! The pros will lead you to become a pro yourself!

It's FREE!

This course is literally 100% free. You just have to sign up and have some articles you've previously written for the mentors to see in order to consider you eligible for acceptance. People think that the more expensive something is, the better it is at doing what it's supposed to do. While that is true for some things, it is not true for everything. Moviepilot University is a free, yet very effective, and easy to understand course that is designed for one simple task: make you a better writer. If something is free, then take it! Just like free samples, free mixtapes, free hugs (as long as it's not from a crazy person), and FREE WRITING COURSES. MPU is the right thing for YOU! Did I mention that it's free?

You Gain A Lot More Followers And Reads. You Might Even Be Featured On Moviepilot's Facebook Pages!

When I first started writing for Moviepilot back in January 2016, I only had three posts, about 900 reads, and zero followers before I joined MPU. Six weeks later those numbers have gone up significantly! MoviepilotU helps you become a much better writer with the video lessons and mentor annotations, that it makes your content gain more fans and reads. If you're someone who cares for and takes pride in their numbers, MPU is definitely for YOU!

This course makes you think, it makes you step outside the box, and it pays off! If you write well enough, you are even featured on Moviepilot's various Facebook pages! People will love your work and say such awesome things about it. I had the wonderful honor of seeing some of my posts featured, and man it felt good seeing that fellow readers and writers enjoy my posts - all thanks to MPU!

It's Easy To Keep Up With!

The course demands that you write 4 posts each week and submit them for the mentors to annotate and review by 5 P.M. PST. After they annotate it with feedback and recommendations for improvement, you can edit and publish them. Very easy to do!

You Can Write About Whatever You Want In The Course!

About a third way through MPU, Moviepilot released their new writing platform, The new platform is designed to let you write about whatever you want! You can focus your articles on movies, TV shows, and now with the next MPU course, you can write about music, video games, books, anything at all!

The next MPU course will take place sometime around summer or fall. Keep up with the official Moviepilot Facebook page, because that's where they will post the MPU application. That's how I discovered MoveipilotU, and deciding to become a part of this wonderful writing course was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to become a better writer and take their work to the next level, to join MPU! Alas my young padawans, my time at MPU is at an end, since this is my final post for the course. I will miss it dearly and I will remember it for the rest of my life! It was an amazing ride! Now it is your time to become part of the next line of students who join Moviepilot University! Work hard, and always believe in yourself!


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