ByJosh Bakka, writer at
I geek out about most stuff. Video games, movie, TV, I guess just all entertainment.

I'm starting to think Fox Broadcasting has some issues to work out. Because my second favorite show, "The Last Man on Earth" had just returned last week from a three month vacation. And they just announced it will have a new episode in three weeks tonight. Are you on LSD, Fox?

I have been waiting for AGES to get a new episode of Tandy and the other guys. Fox, I have personal advice to give you. A network shouldn't give a show a three month break after a HUGE cliffhanger, then bring it back for two episodes and get rid of it for three more weeks. That makes no sense.

Honestly, I just think of this as Fox just flipping us off. They're messing with us. They've GOT to be. This whole thing is so idiotic it HAS TO BE. Right? I mean, what's so important on the next couple of Sundays that the next episode is on April 3rd? You can move Tyler Perry's The Passion to another night, you know!

I just don't like this. What-so-ever.


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