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Although the latest revival of the X files has been a viewer success with good ratings in the US and the UK, the question critical watchers have is whether Chris Carters vision is tired......

whilst the old school feel of the 'event series' has been a huge boost for old school viewers, the new stores have been somewhat lacklustre.

What was promised as a new X files series that addressed the modern day, the majority of modern day themes have been reported to be 'shoehorned' into episodes. Of course the series has been held back by the limited number of episodes, 6 in total. One would ask how a coherent new story, years after the original could be comprehensively told In such a limited run?

As a lifelong fan I can honestly say I have enjoyed the majority of the revival, but I do agree that most of the pivitol 'arc' episodes have been rushed and relied on 'info dumps' from characters that have little meaning or role in the franchise.

Which leads to a new question.... whilst Chris Carter is proven to be an exceptional story teller over a 22 ep season, can he provide that suspense over a mini series? I think not.

Speaking recently on The Jonathan Ross show, Gillian Anderson basically said that any new eps would need to be carefully planned and the only reason she came back was because it was a mini-season, hinting we will only see further mini seasons in future. With that in mind, should Chris Carter stand aside and allow fresh writers who may be more versed in mini seasons be allowed to take the reigns.

I for one am not convinced, I'd rather see CC involved in a movie series where he can stretch one story in a movie length episode..... X Files wouldn't be X files without Chris Carter, would it??!


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