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From 2005 to 2014, How I Met Your Mother was the Friends for the Millenial generation. As we now binge watch it on Netflix to remember how amazingly awesome it was, one can't help but realize how much of a mark the show left on its fans. Let's take a look at five of the most memorable moments in HIMYM history.

5. Slapsgiving

The infamous slap bet between Barney and Marshall began in season two when the gang is trying to figure out why Robin refuses to go to the mall. Marshall thinks she was secretly married at a mall in Canada and Barney is convinced she was in mall-themed porn. The slap bet carried over multiple seasons. One of the best slap bet moments leads to Slapsgiving, when Lily (the slap commissioner) allows Marshall to slap Barney on their first Thanksgiving as a married couple.

One of the best episodes of HIMYM was Season two's Slap Bet. It was here that we learned that Robin was a Canadian pop star in the early '90s called Robin Sparkles. This song is so bad its good and can even be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

3. The Bro Code

Authored by the fictional Barnabus Stinson as a result of George Washington "codpiece blocking" Benjamin Franklin in 1776, outrageous code of ethics is a hilarious how-to guide for guys navigating everyday pitfalls of manhood, like the dreaded "friend zone." This pact is more of a thinly veiled justification for Barney's playboy lifestyle, but it also has a gratifying way of exposing his chronic hypocrisy.

2. But um...

One of the high points in season five was when Ted learns that his students are fans of Robin's morning show because they have turned her speech patterns into a drinking game. Ted, Barney, and eventually the entire Architecture 101 class learn just how much Robin says "but, umm" in an episode.

1. The Bang Song

Any fan of HIMYM has sung this song when talking about someone's sex life. Marshall created this catchy tune to highlight Barney's sex life and it has stuck forever in our heads.

Every generation has their culture icon of a show. HIMYM was mine; now tell me...

What TV show defined your generation?


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