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Disney fans of all ages know how iconic the songs are. People will always know the lyrics to The Circle of Life and Under the Sea better than anything else they have to memorize. And while those are fantastic songs, there are so many other songs that people forget about! Honestly, there is no such thing as a bad Disney song, just not as known. Here are five songs that you should quickly remember.

1. God Help the Outcasts

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is already a tragic film to begin with, but the songs definitely help keep the tone in tact. “God Save the Outcasts” is a beautiful song sung by Esmeralda. She’s lamenting in Notre Dame about how she thinks God has abandoned her people and only focuses on the higher class. The solemn, church-like choir provides a haunting tone that sounds like a cry for help. The theme of helping those less fortunate than others is very deep for a children’s film but also relevant.

2. Out There

Like Esmeralda, Quasimodo is an individual taken advantage of by the higher class. Frollo banishes him to the clocktower because he is deemed too ugly for society. Even so, he is still optimistic and views life with a “glass half full” philosophy. Out There is a song about him longing to spend time with the people for just one day. It’s a cheerful song full of hope and longing and, for some reason, is never talked about.

3. Mob Song

When people think of songs from Beauty and the Beast, they usually think of the titular song. And while that is an iconic song, no one can deny how fun Mob Song is. Even though it’s about a pretty disturbing topic (killing the Beast), the writers were able to make it catchy enough that the audience finds themselves singing Kill the Beast with the chorus. And, it’s also great to see these men get their ass kicked by furniture.

4. Family

It’s a forgotten fact that James and the Giant Peach is a Disney film. The stop motion film easily gets overlooked by The Nightmare Before Christmas even though it can easily stand on its own. Though there aren’t many, the few songs that are in the film are fun and inspiring. Family is about what James Henry Trotter always wanted: someone to love and accept him. He finds that acceptance in a bunch of giant bugs who protect and care about him, unlike his vicious aunts. With stunning stop motion animation accompanying it, Family is a touching way to see these different creatures come together.

5. Everybody Wants to be a Cat

The Aristocats managed to blend French and jazz music together in such a fun way. Everybody Wants to be a Cat introduced upper class Duchess and her kittens to the colorful world of the lower class jazz cats. The message is that no matter what class they are, everybody wants to be a cat. Now, I bet you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


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