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Uhhhh yeah, spoilers ahead, yep, definitely spoilers.

Here a few things that pretty much made me either jump out of my seat and holler, or holler then jump.

Carol's not happy about adding to the list, but we are!

Carol got number 19! Even though it took him the whole episode to make the list.

Next time, Maggie needs to get out of the way so Carol can get more than an arm!

And 20! This redheaded fox got SKEWERED!

By none other than Terminusinator Carol!

What do you expect, though? Big Red stuck a gun to Carol's head and called her a few really mean names, and called Rick a prick (ohhhh...I see what you did there, producers). Of COURSE she's gonna get her face eaten off by episode's end.

Carol's gonna need a bigger notepad.

And who knew Carol was such a good actor and celebrity impersonator? She would make Ross Marquand SO proud. Her little masquerade as a poor helpless housewife (rosary beads! hell, Mary...hell yeah!) paid off pretty damn good.

“Oh look at me, I'm a scared little lady that can't say her own name because she's so scared. NOW I'M GOING TO TURN YOU INTO A HUMAN SHISH KABOB.”

Then there was this scene:

I think I enjoy this show a little too much.

What we have here are duct taped hands and feet. But fingers? Fingers are free. What in the flamin hellcakes is stopping these two from untaping their feet with their mother trucking fingers?

Sorry, I went full Abe there. I should never go full Abe.

Negan truly has a hold on his followers...

“We are all Negan.”

“I'm Negan, shithead.”

well that cost him
well that cost him

Lastly...kill floor, huh?

Negan's bitches had no idea.

This episode was brought to you by:

wants you to know, smoking kills. Even if it is because of secondhand growlers.