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Marvel is ready to unleash an entire slate of highly anticipated, comic book adapted films. This slate goes across the span of this May to July, 2019. That being said, let's rank our excitement level for each of the films.

10. Captain Marvel:

I mean, sure, it'll be probably fine, but the driving forces behind this movie do not uphold the same level of relevance that the others seem to display. For starters, it's pretty much indisputable that part of the reason this movie is even being made in the first place is so that Marvel doesn't get names thrown their way like: "bigot, sexist, so on and so forth" for not having a movie with a female lead. Yes Carol Danvers is a great character and has potential to rock a solid installment to the MCU, but unless she has help from another well-known characters, the box office buck isn't going to be as excessive as the others in Phase 3. What this movie can do to ensure good reception is cast a well-received Captain Marvel, assign a director that knows what they're doing, and make sure it ties itself up in a pretty bow with the rest of the movies. It would also help if we got an introduction to her character in either of the Infinity War installments.

9. The Inhumans:

This is the most distant (release date wise) on the list, so all the knowledge we have so far is that it is coming out in July of 2019. While Black Bolt is more or less a notable character, many of the other Inhumans have lack of an awareness other than that of the people who follow the comics. It could swing either way when it comes to an Infinity War introduction for these guys, but it may not be necessary. As long as Marvel can get good work done on this and generate trailers to appease unaware audiences, another Guardians of the Galaxy success could be on their hands.

8. Ant-Man and The Wasp:

Ant-Man was an enjoyable movie that brought in yet another hero to the MCU family. With Scott Lang teaming up alongside Captain America this May, it shall be interesting to see where he leads us next in a monumentally small journey. Just by looking at the title, we know that Evangaline Lily's The Wasp will have a more predominant role this time around and that this movie is likely to have more of a light-hearted tone like that of the first installment. In addition, it'd be lovely if Michael Douglas could come back as Hank Pym again.

7. Thor: Ragnarok

So this shall be the concluding chapter to Thor's Asgardian narrative and we know for a fact that The Hulk will be alongside him. Furthermore, back at that press conference back in 2014, we learned from Kevin Feige that this movie will alter the MCU as we know it in a similar matter that The Winter Soldier did. The other major thing Ragnarok has going for it is that we're likely to see the demise of Asgard as we know it which could beautifully set up Infinity War's release the following May. Lastly, if Tom Hiddleston returns for one final outing as Loki, that automatically would amp up anticipation for this one.

6. Doctor Strange:

We're eight months away from Doctor Strange's arrival to the MCU, and from the look of it, it will be mystical. Doctor Strange is actually an incredibly pivotal character in Marvel Comics (especially in 'Infinity Gauntlet.') He obtains mystical powers that lead to him becoming "Sorcerer Supreme," and these powers are destined to be something we've never seen in the MCU thus far. With Benedict Cumberbatch at the helm, Doctor Strange is likely to be a character that has an eerie presence to him and I foresee the mind-bottling concepts being advertised behind the curtains by Marvel being a refreshing take on the super hero genre as a whole. With San Diego Comic Con rolling around this summer, it's almost certain that at that event we get our first glimpse of Doctor Strange footage and we can go on to judge it from there. If Marvel got us to see a movie about space cadets that no one knew about, and loved it, as well as make an Ant-Man movie more critically acclaimed than a Superman movie, there's really not much to fear of change from here.

5. Untitled Spider-Man Film:

Finally. After all the years of wishing, the solution arrived early 2015 when it was officially announced that Sony was going to let Spider-Man play with the Avengers. Now this movie is nearly a year away and we already have Tom Holland's Spider-Man debuting in Civil War this May. In relevance to that, it should be interesting to see what battle Spider-Man has to encounter in his first stand alone outing in 2017 and see if Marvel can live up to our expectations of what they can do to ensure we have the best handling of the character in a live-action flick to date. Spider-Man has arguably the best palette of villains out of all Marvel heroes. As long as someone new is at the opposing position that we have yet to see in a Spider-Man movie, and he/she is made a layered, understandable antagonist, this movie can do the rest for itself. Oh ya, and if we could get The Daily Bugle involved again, that'd be great.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Guardians of the Galaxy was the movie that made us realize "at this point, we'll watch anything with the Marvel logo on it." I mean, who the heck knew who any of these people were prior to the 2014 release? The closest character that people would have recognized from more of the mainstream comics would be Nova and he wasn't even featured in the movie. We walked into the theater knowing nothing about these people and walked out of the theater wishing we could know more. That catchy soundtrack was also itching at the back of your head all day. Don't deny it. With all the brilliance and cosmic eccentric action displayed by Guardians of the Galaxy, fans were delighted to know they'd get more. If Vol 2. can give us a more formidable adversary, keep up the humor, take us to new realms within the Galaxy, and crank out another kick ass soundtrack, there will be little to no complaints to spout off about.

3. Black Panther:

Of all the new properties surfacing from Marvel, Black Panther is probably the highest anticipated (perhaps besides Spider-Man.) I've wanted a Black Panther movie since I first discovered the character back in 2013 about a year later, my wish was granted. T'Challa just has so many interesting things going for him as he's the richest superhero in the history of comics. Go ahead, look it up. Stark and Wayne don't even compare. Black Panther has the world's supply of Vibranium (metal Cap's shield is made from) at his disposal as well as he is the ruler of the entire country of Wakanda. With the Vibranium trade and Black Panther's biggest rival, Ulysses Klaw, featured in Age of Ultron, it was made clear that Black Panther is going to be one of the big guys of the MCU in the future. Lastly, with what we've seen from Civil War trailers thus far, we see this guy is going to kick some serious ass and his suit, unlike Spider-Man's new one, has been pretty much unanimously well-received. In 2018, don't be surprised to see the biggest July box office debut in Marvel's history as it also has the possibility to challenge 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.

2. Infinity War Part 1 and 2:

It doesn't make sense to split these two apart as they are practically the same movie, they're just split up for theatrical release. Ultimately, this may be the most characters we'll ever see in comic book movie. Like, as of all time; never to be paralleled in history. Thanos and the fruition of the Infinity Stones have been looming since 2012, and after six years of waiting, the culmination will ensue. All arrows are going to be pointing towards this movie as it's pretty much unavoidable that this will be the last time we see the characters we've grown to love fight beside each other one last time. Furthermore, a big complaint about Marvel is their lackluster villains and I don't see that being the case with Thanos as it has been teased for years on end now that mass destruction is on the horizon that will make New York and Sokovia look like throwing an empty can of soda-pop on the ground. At the director's chairs will be he Russo brothers who just needed one movie to prove they can handle the biggest, grandiose projects on Marvel's slate. That also includes the most anticipated Phase 3 film.

1. Captain America: Civil War

Maybe it's unfair to put this at the top since we know the most about it and it's so close, but come on, this is what we're dying to see. Sure Batman and Superman are going toe to toe this year too, but this is an adaptation of one of Marvel Comic's greatest story-lines in their eighty year history. This is going to be grounded, gritty, and heartbreaking, as well as likely to give us a bigger range of emotions than any other of the movies on this list. We'll laugh, cry, cheer, and reflect for weeks on end after this one as the Marvel universe will be left heavily changed after the events unfold. This is the end of friendships, civility among heroes, and the issues surrounding the team's division are even relevant in today's world. Now I'm not saying after May it's a downhill slope for Marvel, I'm just saying movie is itching at my nerves more than any of the aforementioned and my legs shook, my eyes twitched, and the hairs on my arms stood straight up after watching that second trailer. Also, let us not forget, this just may be the only time we see Spider-Man onscreen with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and Chris Evans's Captain America as one of them very well could meet their demise. Just a pure overload of intrigue.


Which Phase 3 film are you most excited for?


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