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A Korean [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer just dropped last night and I have to say was it an emotional but epic tease. The trailer has a lot of new footage that is not spoilery, but will give you a heart attack for sure! Check it out below:

The trailer has many new shots that are discussion worthy it's best to break them right away. Let's get to it!

We get to see more of desert Batman

The desert scene in this movie is my most anticipated scene as of right now! The look of it and what it holds foreshadowing upcoming events in the future just has me pumped guys. Anyway, we see this scary looking shot of Batman in the desert with his trusty gear walking on top of a bunker looking through his binoculars. What he is likely looking at, folks, is the omega symbol which was spotted in the last trailer.

That symbol is associated with the tyrant Darkseid, who (if I was a betting man) will be the main baddie in Justice League coming next year. I wouldn't be surprised if his name is dropped once or twice in the movie.

New shots of Diana!

Gal Gadot looks like she is gonna kill this role, ladies and gentleman. There's not much to this scene right here, other than her looking like she is at an airport. If I were to guess, she just arrived in Gotham to do some "heroic business".

Another look at the Batmobile

The Batmobile racing in pursuit mode! This version of the car is giving Nolan version and all the other previous versions a run for their money.

New Wonder Woman shot!

Another shot of Gal but this time as her alter ego Wonder Woman. This looks like obviously it takes place during the battle with Doomsday. With her performing that blast we seen in the Comic-Con trailer from last year.

Batman and Superman fighting (Batman knocks heads with Supes!)

Yeah Superman fans it as simple as this, Superman can't mess with Batman hand to hand! Batman straight up deflects his hand attack and head butts him like there no tomorrow! Superman might still win this fight but Batman gonna give him a run for his money probably more so than Zod did. This fight gonna be epic fanboys and fangirls!

Superman gets seriously angry!

Superman doesn't look to happy doesn't he? He has an angry look on his face and his eyes are angry. This scene takes place when he kneeling to Lex but why would he be mad. Possible spoiler alert but rumors suggest something happens to poor old Mama Kent which causes Supes to go berserk. I hope this isnt't the case because Superman doesn't look to happy in this shot.

What is this unknown explosion?

This shot seems to be connected with the shot we see of the batwing flying over a fiery grassland in the previous trailers. From the destruction it's more than likely Doomsday, who seems to be making his way to the city and Batman is racing over to prevent him from doing that and that where the final battle in the movie starts.

More desert Batman (aka 'Knightmare Batman') shots.

More shots of Batman in the infamous desert costume. But this time we see him yelling out at something. What could it be? My guess is he seeing someone he cares about killed by Superman or his followers. Either way I'm sure it will pack an emotional punch.

Lex Luthor

What are you doing Lex? As always Eissenberg's Lex seems up to no good and form the looks of it this time putting his dirty little hands on Zod's dead corpse. What could he possibly be doing...

Batfleck smiling

If Batman know your in some deep trouble. Batman looks all but confident going up against Superman and looks to be baiting him to even the playing field at the right moment. Boy oh boy this fight is gonna be legendary.

Lois at the fight between Batman and Superman

Lois as usual is at the wrong place at the wrong time. This time she seems to be by the background location, at the fight location between Batman and Superman hearing it or seeing it from above. Why is she there is the real question but I think she might be the one who puts a halt to the fight.

She seems to be the one who calms Superman down as he has a distressed look on his face. Maybe this convinces Batman Superman not so bad after all.

Final Thoughts: Overall guys this trailer was pretty awesome. To me this should have been the final trailer and the final trailer should have been the second trailer and the Doomsday one should never have even existed. This trailer feels like a final trailer as it emotional and really gets you hype to see the movie as it looks like a visual, emotional spectacle. I know a lot of people are doubting this movie but my gut feeling tells me this will be the best comic book movie of this year from the looks of it. It just has something that no other superhero movie other than the Nolan trilogy has did for me right now. It just has the "umph" factor if that makes sense. But honestly the answer if this movie is truly good is coming up on March 25th and it will sure as heck be a day that won't be forgotten ladies and gentlemen.

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