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So,J.K Rowling is like our Dumbledore and we would never dare to argue with her!

But if she is contradicting herself, then we can agree with her previous stands and disagree with her current statements, right? That much is allowed, isn't it?

So here are the reasons why Ron and Hermione if not an happily ever after will atleast have a happy to be together facing all the problems!

1 Serious and continuous attraction

As everyone has no doubt observed,Ron and Hermione are constantly bickering! From the moment they meet, they trigger instant dislike in each other! Well, constant argument doesn't always just mean disagreement, it also means that the other person trigger strong feelings in you! It's a sign of attraction coming on gradually!

2 Harry +Ginny =Hermione +Ron

A major reason for dissing Romione is that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together! Sorry, but this is not even remotely true! Remember, Harry and Hermione are people who take life too seriously and they need lighthearted people like Ron and Ginny to balance things out. You gotta have some fun in life and you gotta have someone who keeps reminding you that.

3 A brother sister relation

Harry and Hermione atleast in the books share an amazing brother sister relation!

Not for 1 moment do they think of each other in that way! Since we have read the series from Harry's perspective, we know how true this is for Harry!!! Hermione is completely relaxed while talking to or about Harry which shows the comfort a brother sister relation always has!

4 Ron is caring and deserving of Hermione!

Ron makes many mistakes bt hey, so do the rest of us! What matters is how we redeem ourselves n Ron does that each time! Ron is the Boy who Cared. Ron, even though he knows that he's poor, he doesn't mind sharing his home, his family and their love with Harry!!! Ron is brave because he joins Harry in killing Horcruxes leaving behind his home! Ron thinks of Hermione first, unlike Harry who sometimes seems quite unmindful of Hermione's feelings!

5 It's the magic of Harry Potter!

It's the magic and uniqueness of the series that the female lead doesn't go with the male lead in the end! That's too mainstream.. Harry Potter redefines stereotypes and battles away prejudices and this pair symbolise that love is imperfect, yet pure!


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