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Smart and mischievous, cats are maybe the perfect villains, but we truly love them and believe they are going to make amazing superheroes as well. We also know that every cat has its secret nocturnal life, so what if your adorable and fluffy pet becomes a Spider-Cat or Batcat every night? Here is how we imagine the cat-versions of some of the most popular superheroes:

1. Spider-Cat

Provided no fur-web issues occur, you can be sure that your Spider-Cat will observe the city order absolutely successfully. Just remember to leave a window slightly open so that your hero can return home after the long night working against the bad guys.

2. Wondercat

The more kittenish your pet looks at home, the more powerful it probably is when fighting the villains. The fact that you have not seen the indestructible bracelets of your Wondercat does mean she doesn't have them. Why couldn’t your female cat be a brave heroine, eh?

3. Ironcat

There might be quite enough fur under Ironcat’s powered armor, but we have no doubt that this won’t affect its superhero skills. Avoiding traps of all kind, it's easy for cats, and their ingenuity can undoubtedly be referred to as a super power.

4. Batcat

Batcat might get a little distracted by birds or some sassy insects, but he will always respond to a Batcat signal depicting the Whiskas logo, won’t he?

5. Green Lantern Cat

Your cat does not need the ring to fight like a superhero. Yet, you should not be surprised if you accidentally see your pet surrounded by green light. Your Green Lantern Cat will do whatever it takes to protect you and your home.

6. Supercat

As a true Clark Kent, your cat may seem mild and a bit ordinary in front of you and your family members, but when an emergency rolls out you can always count on him to save the day. Depraved politicians, violent husbands, and gangsters beware, ’cause Supercat is coming for you.

7. Flashcat

You have probably seen your cat running after a ball of wool at light speed, right? This, combined with the great endurance of cats, means your little friend can be the perfect Flashcat. Just throw a small ball on the floor and watch the show!

8. Aquacat

Maybe your cat isn't staring at the aquarium because it's planning how to eat the fish. What if he is communicating with your aquarium’s occupants? The secret information your Aquacat gathers may save the city one day, so let him spend a few hours more near the aquarium. There is absolutely no need to worry about your fish, as it is perfectly safe with Aquacat.

9. The Incatible Hulk

Believe us, your cute kitten can easily turn into The Incatible Hulk. Your angry pet may not become green, but he is surely going to be as dangerous as the human Hulk. Fortunately for everyone, you can easily sweep the madness away by gently caressing his throat.

Cats are part of the everyday life of endless numbers of people, and as such they deserve to be included in our jokes, too. I sincerely hope that with and my colleagues from Handyman Handy Ltd. managed to amuse you. I will be very happy to provide you with more humorous and interesting materials. New funny catacles are coming soon!

Which supercat would you most like as a pet?


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