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** minor spoilers for 'Batman v Superman', you've been warned **

C'mon now, you didn't really think that the final [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer was actually going to be the final bit of promo we got to see before the big day? That's right baby this hype train ain't slowing down anytime soon, and we've got some brand new footage to share with you.

A new international trailer aimed at the Korean market landed online over the weekend courtesy of Warner Bros. and though it featured a lot of what we'd seen before it also contained a surprising amount of new footage. Check out the new trailer below, and read on for our breakdown of the important bits.

More Darkseid Teasing?

One of the most talked about aspects from the previous trailers and footage is the dystopian ruins of a world swarming with Darkseid's Parademons and the Omega brand burned into the ground before a ruined city (presumably either Gotham or Metropolis).

According to the recent EW cover this scene isn't actually a paranoid Batman (Ben Affleck) centered dream sequence (as had been previously theorized) but rather a vision seen by the Flash (Ezra Miller), who has the ability to flash forward into the future and alternate timelines.

Coming together to stop this terrible future from happening may be what brings Batman and Superman (Henry Cavill) together in the upcoming movie, and the new international trailer certainly features plenty of this "vision;" from Batman screaming, to another shot lingering on the Omega brand. Perhaps this is just setting up Darkseid for Justice League Part One, but it certainly seems important. Buckle up.

Gal Ga-going

We've seen our new Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) wearing various hats (and outfits) in the various promos so far, and the international trailer revealed yet another side of the Princess of Themyscira as she stalks off down a corridor in a badass leather jacket.

Presumably this is a sneak peek of Diana in her "glamorous covert agent" get up as she sets out to track down and expose the secrets of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), an action which puts her into conflict with Bruce Wayne who is also out for Luthor's business secrets. Expect corporate espionage aplenty.

More Lois

Someone who we hadn't seen very much of in the previous promo footage was Amy Adams's Lois Lane, Superman's tenacious journalist love interest from Man of Steel.

But she features plenty in the new footage, from feeling up Superman's 'S' to reacting in surprise at something happening during a anti-Superman protest and frantically doggy paddling through churning waters as debris falls around her. Here's to hoping this means we'll be seeing even more Lois in Batman v Superman than we have before.

Back To The Station

Perhaps Lois's most interesting addition to the trailer though was the short sequence where we see her returning to the scene of Superman's crime - the train station which featured during the controversial climactic scene of Man of Steel where Supes did some serious neck snapping in the direction of General Zod (Michael Shannon).

The Metropolis station now lies in ruins, but clearly still holds some significance for Batman v Superman. Is Lois searching for evidence to save Superman from the jury? And what's the Batwing doing circling outside? The plot thickens.


Batman introduces Superman to the business end of his helmet as they grapple in the rain. No matter how thick your skin is, that's still gotta hurt.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' releases worldwide March 25, 2016.

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