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The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13, "The Same Boat" was an incredibly great one. Carol and Maggie both spilled their fair share of blood, including this memorable scene (obviously don't watch this if you haven't seen this episode!):

Carol has always been a mutable character, going from oppressed domestic abuse victim to hardened killer over the course of The Walking Dead — but how does that change her as a character?

The Walking Dead's Melissa McBride talked with The Wrap about Carol's actions and how her kills have affected her:

“Right now she’s struggling to understand what’s the right thing to do. She gets it. You have to kill to survive. But do we always have to kill? She’s taking stock of the people she’s had to kill and the circumstances around it. She’s second guessing herself and probably feeling like a monster.”
Maggie and Carol in TWD Episode 13 [AMC]
Maggie and Carol in TWD Episode 13 [AMC]

Personally, I love hardcore Carol and would be sorry if too much of Morgan's boring pacifism leeched into her mind. Melissa McBride certainly enjoys playing a multifaceted Carol, noting that playing strong Carol pretending to be weak Carol is a special joy:

“It’s been very fun for me as an actor. I enjoy it so much what they’re giving me to do. It’s so fun, but I understand Carol. So it’s not that difficult. It’s just her going into whatever mode she needs to be in.”
Maggie and Carol in TWD Episode 13 [AMC]
Maggie and Carol in TWD Episode 13 [AMC]

We recently saw Carol chalk up her human kill count to 18, adding another few — and what a particularly painful, bloody few they were! — in episode 13, "The Same Boat."

McBride hints that all this killing may be getting too much for her:

“The whole Wolf attack, Denise with the Wolf, Morgan, Sam, all the way back to losing Sophia. It’s piling up. She has just been on autopilot. No hesitation. Eliminating the threat. No questions about it. But now, that’s changing.”

Do you prefer Carol-with-a-conscience or Killer Carol?

Source: The Wrap, Youtube


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