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(Warning - the following contains a pretty substantial potential SPOILER for Captain America: Civil War, fresh from a shiny new trailer for the movie. Proceed with whatever level of caution your innate sense of SPOILER-aversion suggests is wise...)

Now, with the recently released second trailer for Captain America: Civil War proving a veritable hit on the wide, wide inter-web – largely for Spider-Man-related reasons – it seemed pretty darned likely that we wouldn't be seeing any more full-length trailers in advance of the film's May arrival. After all, there's not a whole lot more you need to do to get folks geared up for a movie than throwing Spider-Man up on screen.

As it turns out, though, that trailer wasn't actually the last full-length preview destined to hit our screens. Y'see:

Yet Another New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Has Arrived

While this weekend's Kids' Choice Awards was as gloriously full of slime, celebrities and zaniness as usual, it also offered up a shiny new trailer for Captain America: Civil War... which actually had a little new footage in it.

Now, sadly, a high quality version of the footage hasn't yet found its way online – but you still can get a pretty good (low-resolution) idea of the awesomeness in the video below...

...which, it seems, features not only another glimpse of Crossbones (this time with Damion 'original Thanos' Poitier by his side), but also some more Black Panther vs. Winter Soldier action, and a look at just how strong Cap is, as he single-handedly holds the weight of a moving helicopter.

All of which is... actually pretty awesome.

Now if the actual movie could just go ahead and arrive already, that'd be great.

What do you think, though?


Which new moment are you most enthused by?

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