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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead,' Episode 13, 'The Same Boat'

This week's episode of The Walking Dead might have been pretty serious, but one of the stars of the "The Same Boat" revealed toThe Talking Deadthat the episode was originally a little more lighthearted than what we saw in the finished product.

During The Talking Dead, Alicia Witt, who played the red-headed Paula in the episode, explained to host Chris Hardwick that her favorite scene was actually cut from the episode:

"At the door, right before she starts stabbing the walkers, she turns around and says to Carol, ‘You know it’s funny, before all this, you’re probably somebody I would have sent funny cat pictures to.’ It was like the one moment Paula acknowledged in words, ‘I see you, whatever is going on here, there’s something weirdly....’"

Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, then chimed in, saying:

"And I think that Carol probably got that email."

Totally agree. Let's face it, before the world went to shit and she turned into a badass, Carol would have loved a picture of a cute cat with a hilarious caption.

However, Hardwick then jumped in and pointed out why it was a good thing that the dialogue was cut from the finished episode, saying:

“I understand why they cut that out, because even though it would have been an amazing moment, seeing Paula just be completely gone and no trace of it anymore, it would have been really hard if you had seen that, then you would have wanted her to stick around.”

Which Witt also agreed with, adding that enough was said in the scene without using actual words:

“But then it would also have been a giveaway that she’s softening, which I think you wouldn’t have wanted to see. Because I think you see plenty in the way they magically edited it between us in that scene. You know there is something going on between these women, and they won’t say it in words.”

So sadly we didn't get to hear any back and forth about funny cat pictures in "The Same Boat," but I think you'll agree that overall it was probably for the best. And besides, who needs to be reminded about what pre-apocalypse Carol would have liked, when post-apocalyptic Carol is so damn awesome?

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 14, 'Twice As Far' on Sunday, March 20 on AMC.

Do you think they should have kept the line about the cat pictures in the episode?



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