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10 Cloverfield Lane opened this weekend and audiences are already buzzing about this suspense-packed sci-fi thriller. But did you notice one surprising name in the credits?

Don't Worry — No Spoilers Ahead :-)

In such a small cast, you'd think it'd be hard to slip in a sneaky celebrity cameo, but that's just what producer J. J. Abrams managed to do — with his pal Bradley Cooper.

In the scene where Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) gets a call from her ex Ben, the voice that comes through on the cellphone is actually Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy! Well, Cooper, who plays Rocket.

Cooper and Abrams are old friends who used to work together on the TV series Alias. According to EW, The Force Awakens director convinced his friend to do the voice-over scene, so keep your ears peeled!


Did you know it was Bradley Cooper in '10 Cloverfield Lane'?

Via EW


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