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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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MTV's Scream Season 2 is finally here, and the action will take place six months after the ending of Season 1. The kids will be tasked with working out who was the partner of Season 1's killer (if you watched it, you know who this was)!

Personally, I'm psyched to see more of this slick, sassy teen fun.

Willa Fitzgerald returns as Emma, with Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey), John Karna (Noah), Carlson Young (Brooke), and Tom Maden (Jake) rounding out the reprised roles.

HNN has the details on what's happening in Scream Season 2:

Season two begins with Emma's return to Lakewood, following several months at a retreat where she was trying to recover from last season's horrors. Everyone wonders if she is truly over what happened, while walking on eggshells around her. Audrey keeps her connection to the killer secret, but someone knows the truth and is harassing her. Brooke and Jake are hiding a budding romance, while Noah is getting closer and closer to the truth about the murders.

Joining the recurring cast is Kiana Lede as high-flyer Zoe, and Santiago Segura as serial killer obsessive Gustavo Acousta. What are you hoping for in Scream Season 2?

'Scream' Season 2 premieres May 31, 2016.

Source: HNN


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