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Today I saw something I never thought I'd see in my entire life. People love seeing fan art, heck, I love seeing fan art — especially if they're really creative and resemble a photograph, instead of a hastily-drawn llama.

But, what happens when celebrity fan art drawn by total beginners is photoshopped onto the real thing? The results are a stuff of nightmares.

1. Lady Gaga

Mother Monster's caricature. It looks like a monster from a horror anime movie!

2. Angelina Jolie

The drawing isn't that bad. The creator just needs to work on the nose and mouth. However, the photoshopped version looks like a botched cosmetic surgery.

3. Brad Pitt

The drawing would actually be quite good — if it weren't modeled after Brad's face. The photoshopped Brad and Angie would make a really odd couple. Looks like someone had too much of those sour candies.

4. Hugh Laurie

Just a little adjustment with House's eyes and the drawing is almost perfect. The photoshopped image looks like an alien lovechild, though.

5. Nicolas Cage

The sketch looks a little more like John Travolta. But the photoshopped one looks kind of like Cage just recovered from a stroke.

6. Zach Braff

This one nailed it!

7. Jennifer Aniston

This one is so funny! But, imagine someone staring at you with those freaky eyes — I'd be scared shitless!

8. Zayn Malik

Practice makes perfect. But that resembles a chimp, not Zayn Malik. The photoshopped version kind of reminds me of the expression of a certain Republican candidate, though. Eck.

9. Mel Gibson

There is such a thing as "too much eyebrows." And don't use black. It's too harsh on your facial features!

10. Rihanna


11. Harry Potter

This is Harry if that shrapnel from Voldemort's soul manifested too early for his young body to handle.

12. Justin Bieber

You can't un-see this.

13. Jim Carrey

I can totally see him rocking this look.

14. Matt Damon

Has anyone shown this to Jimmy Kimmel?!!

Oh Internet, never change.


Which is your favorite piece of botched fan art?

Source: 9gag


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