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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

My initial reaction upon experiencing virtual reality for the first time was one of awe-inspired astonishment (accompanied by a smidgen of motion sickness), as I pondered, still jittering, the possibilities this game-changing medium had opened up.

But first time's vary for everyone, as Japanese TV host Rei Kikukawa can most certainly attest to.

Does this look like a face enraptured by the limitless potential of a new technology?

Nope, it's more akin to the neither-laughing-nor-crying-though-nevertheless-deeply-shaken reaction common in post-trauma prankees. Here's what happened:

Just Place The Headset Over Your Eyes

So far, so simple.

Oh Look, An Unassuming Well

Nothing could possibly lurk inside.

Taking Your First Steps...

Just a little closer.

Well Hello, There!

And that's how you traumatize a poor VR virgin on national TV. Check out the full video below:

Everyone will remember their moment in VR; the first time the technology clicks with them, leaving a lasting impression that's hard to shake — especially if it involves a subterranean phantom with a penchant for jump scares.

How would you introduce your unsuspecting friends to VR?

[Source: YouTube]


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