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Stephen King's The Mist is a brutal and harrowing tale of a seemingly innocuous mist seeping into a small, sleepy town and leaving the townsfolk fighting for their lives. Adapted into a movie in 2007, the hit horror will now be transformed into a spin-off TV series.

Variety reports that Spike has ordered a scripted pilot of the show, which will be the baby of producer Christian Torpe and Dimension Films. And, as nothing is known about the cast yet, we've taken the opportunity to do a little fan-casting!

Here is a list of actors who could be perfect in 'The Mist.'

David Drayton - Matt Bomer

Originally played by: Thomas Jane


A painter and film-poster artist trapped in the market with son Billy.

Mrs. Carmody - Lauren Cohan

Originally played by: Marcia Gay Harden


Mrs. Carmody is a middle-aged townswoman with a reputation as a witch. She is known in Bridgton for her mental instability and her bloodthirsty belief in a vicious God. She serves as the main antagonist of both the novella, The Mist, and the film adaption.

Amanda Dumfries - Deborah Ann Woll

Originally played by: Laurie Holden

Character Description:

Amanda has a husband who is away on business in New York, but was given a pistol to carry while he is away. She is one of the many patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the Mist engulfs the town outside. She, along with David and Hattie look after Billy, and she and David start an intimate relationship over time.

Dan Miller - Liam Cunningham

Originally played by: Jeffrey DeMunn

Character Description:

Dan is an out-of-towner, who reluctantly bought a summer home up on Highland Lake. He is one of the patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the town outside is engulfed by the Mist, and becomes one of David's group.

Brent Norton - Harold Perrineau

Originally played by: Andre Braugher

Character Description:

Brenton Norton is the Draytons' neighbor and the leader of the group of people who refused to believe in the creatures in the Mist.

Billy Drayton

Originally played by: Nathan Gamble

Character description:

Billy Drayton is David and Stephanie Drayton's five-year-old son, born circa 1975 in the novella and circa 2002 in the film.

Who would you cast to star in 'The Mist' remake?

Source: Stephen King wikia, Variety


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