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Now that we've all seen the trailer and, most importantly, our new webhead, the first and most noticible part of spideys debut is his new costume.

Now, to start off, I love this costume. It's new, it's stylish, its retro, and it shows off a new function that apeals to the comics. And this is a GREAT feature. Its cool, expressive, techy, and most of all, very spiderman. No arguments there, along with the rest of spidermans obvious tech being displayed between the shooters, utillity belt, and who knows what else hes hiding in that modern suit.

Some people theorise that stark made him the suit, and while I can see much validity in this I want us to also consider another. Spiderman is smart. Like REALLY smart. This man-boy created spinerrets that form webbing akin to actual spider webs, a technology that is an estimated 7 years ahead of anything we can do today. And he did that with hardly any funding or resources. I mean hey, thats his schtick, a broke superhero. And to do that, hed have to be quite the genius. And this has been shown many ways in the past. Be it when he made his own high tech suits, or even in the movies to make himself electro-proof. And so its not hard to believe that spidey made this hightech suit himself. I mean hey, in spiderman unlimited he made a suit out of NANOBOTS that could go into a stealth mode and refract light.

So yeah, the suits cool, and its pretty hightec, but what about the design? Well, its pretty brilliant actually.

They stayed pretty tried and true to his comic book likeness, the eyes being a large indicator of what they were paying homage to. This design has been seen worn by many different variants of spidey, reaching back to the 1960s spidey all the way to the animated series in the 90s and beyond. And it looks excellent for it. The suit stayed pretty traditional excluding the adtion of the belt and black markings making it look a bit more modern, but they definitely fit in.

The one, major flaw we're noticing here is actually pretty ironic. The web pattern. Every cinematic major production feature so far has had fans griping for a decade now and that's that the web pattern has been too pronounced. Its been sitting overtop of the suit and not sitting well with fans. And now, theyve finally designed it into the suit, just as we'd hoped. Only there's one issue:

Its far too thin. The one thing we've been hoping for for a while, to reduce the weblines, and they reduced them too far. Its sad justice really. In some slides of the screen its hard to tell if theyre even there at all. And dont get it wrong, no one wants them to drown out the red, but its finding that beautiful comic balance that's key.

And hey, no ones perfect. This costume is still very pleasing. The thin lines may even be a design choice. But we'll have to see.


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