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A new image has revealed something not-quite-expected tucked in Batman's arsenal in Batman v Superman: a MASSIVE GUN.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have been promoting the forthcoming movie in China all weekend, and in another innovative twist in the marketing adventure they unveiled a painting!

Not a photograph, clip or prop, but what appears to be a real painting made with an actual brush (artist unknown).

Can you spot a gun in this sensational trailer?

Still from the above trailer
Still from the above trailer

The renaissance work depicts Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) alongside the Bat and the Man of Steel standing like the legends they are atop a smoking pile of rubble. The actors have signed their names over their characters.

In the painting Batman clutches what appears to be a machine gun, something not included in his weapons cupboard displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con eight months ago.

The guns shown at the Comic-Con:

Grenade launcher| Source: Cinema Blend
Grenade launcher| Source: Cinema Blend
Grapple hook | Source: Cinema Blend
Grapple hook | Source: Cinema Blend

These images show his brawny grenade launcher and a grapple hook, but no machine gun.

Compare the above weapons to the new formidable boom-stick Batman wields in the new painting:

When Batman was first introduced in the early 20th century he used guns like any normal guy in combat. But from Detective Comics #33 in around 1939, as Hitflix notes, he became defined by his dislike for firearms and never used them.

The Rambo-style ammunition draped around his torso in the artwork implies it's likely to be an automatic bullet-firing weapon, similar in looks to an MG42 machine gun.

In another clip from the film we see Batman firing a projectile at Superman using a smaller gun. Forbes muses that the missile could be Kryptonite or a capsule containing Kryptonite gas.

The painter may have exercised artistic license by making the gun up to make Batman appear more dashing. However, the use of the work by the marketing team probably confirms the big gun's appearance in the movie.

Watch another gripping trailer here:

Do you think Batman should have a gun in 'Batman v Superman'?

Source: Cinema Blend


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