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It is the stuff of dreams — Bethesda has spoken out and confirmed that a Fallout movie may very well be in the cards, but only if it is done right.

In a recent interview with, Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard revealed that there have been many a Fallout movie pitch sent his way, but none of them truly clicked.

"I've taken a number of meetings [for movie pitches] over the years and nothing quite clicked where I felt, 'Oh, that would be as good as the game.'"

Bethesda has created a world that only exists within the realm of video game. As good as the graphics and the epic story depiction are, the players' imagination is still key to the experience. The fans are the real heroes of the story — their moves, their decisions — and a movie would take this vital component out of the Fallout universe.

This is not to say that a movie will never happen. Howard states that he will not “rule it out,” but the specifics will need to be right. According to Howard, at Bethesda they are meticulous and even pedantic when it comes to detail — everything must be right. Recreating and exacting this perfection in a game is hard enough, but in a movie that would be even harder.

"I don't rule it out," states Howard. "I would say we have a pretty high bar as far as what we would want it to be if it ever happened and nothing's quite clicked. Even little things like, 'What does the vault suit look like?' - every little thing we obsess over so the game is the thing where it really exists."

And then there is the issue of having two worlds co-existing. Howard has reservations about allowing two parallel worlds to run alongside one another. The fear is that audiences will naturally side with one or the other and then respectively disengage with the other — it’s human nature.

"If there had been a Fallout movie, you'd feel different about Fallout when we'd announced Fallout 4, and one of them wouldn't be quite right and you wouldn't want that to be the game, where the movie takes it in another direction."

So, the world of Fallout is open for adaptation but the movie must work alongside Bethesda’s vision. I think that it is great that Bethesda is holding out for the right approach — we see it time and time again as big gaming titles are swept up in media hype and spat out by film studios half cocked and thoroughly disappointing.

With big guns and even bigger personalities, the potential for a Fallout movie is great, hence Bethesda’s many offers; but if done right, this movie could be mind blowing. I would love to see a Fallout movie, I just wouldn’t want to be disappointed.

So many questions: who would lead? Where would it be based? When would it be based? What would the story be? Would it tie into a game or would it go solo? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But, it does make for good thinking — give it a go and let me know your Q's and any A's below.

Do you even want to see a 'Fallout' movie?

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