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So. Let's talk about Spider-Man for a second.

Fresh from stealing the show in the most recent Captain America: Civil War trailer, Spidey has been making headlines all over the Interweb of late — with much of the speculation centering on his shiny new costume and its relative merits, meaning and potential longevity. For many fans, the Spider suit we saw in the trailer, while awesome, was only the beginning.

In fact, with a certain Iron Spider suit having already been added to the trailer by an intrepid fan artist, the Internet is already well underway in its traditional reworking — and, some may argue, improving — of that Spider moment.

The latest fan-adjusted creation to arrive on our screens?

This Is What Miles Morales Would Likely Have Looked Like In 'Captain America: Civil War'

That's right — thanks to 3-D artist and game developer Jamie D, we can now enjoy a brief, wonder-filled glimpse of a universe in which Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales was the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spidey.

Which, for the next half-decade or so at least, could well be the closest we'll come to an on-screen Miles, so it's probably worth making the most of. Nicely played, Jamie D. Nicely played indeed...

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