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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Devil's Candy is the much anticipated follow-up to Australian horror guru Sean Byrne's fan favorite The Loved Ones, which gave us the ultimate evil dance date in Lola "Princess" Stone. Check out the trailer if you've never seen The Loved Ones.

Taking the lead role in Byrne's next feature is Walking Dead star Ethan Embry, who spoke to The Wrap about starring in The Devil's Candy:

''It was one of those rare ones that you fall in love with it, right when you're there, in the moment. I was terrified when I read it.

It kept me up with the excitement of the possibility of being able to bring that guy to life.''

Embry found The Devil's Candy affecting him on a personal level, too.

''It's about the Devil... The religious aspect of this is a really sensitive place for me. I grew up very religious.''

Although The Devil's Candy has played at festivals since late 2015, there are no details currently available for wider release.

Did you love 'The Loved Ones' and do you have high hopes for 'The Devil's Candy'?

Source: The Wrap, Tumblr


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