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Today, as I'm writing, Henry Cavill is on Good Morning America (GMA). Yes, Superman, himself is talking about the new movie, due to hit in 11 days.

We have had a TV spot that dropped couple days back now. Footage revealed Superman leaving Earth. Behind him, it appears to be the aftermath of what Doomsday caused. The orange hue looks like it.

And this.

We had Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped a trailer for Korea. Adding new footage to our collection. We saw new things from Batman's adventure in the desert. Things seem heated, so we can assume something traumatizing to Batman could possibly be happening. Now we have Good Morning America news. Things are coming here and there. We get to experience it all right before the grand prize, Batman v Superman. Check out the things of our Superman, Henry, below.

We have come so far. Indulge in all of its gloriousness. We have a little over a week to go. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits March 25th.

Here's the Jeep Brasil TV Spot #1.


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