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James Wood

I am not against remakes or reboots. I have always said to people that the original films will always be there, they will never change and your fond memories will be there forever, no remake or reboot can change set memories. It's like when people say Michael Bay has ruined their childhood for getting his hands on Transformers and TMNT, the cartoons and comics are still there, nothing has been ruined.

The original Point Break, directed masterfully by Kathryn Bigelow in 1991, is an entertaining action film with Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze. In 2015, someone thought it was a good idea to remake a film that isn't really that old. This new version is like a music video for a sporting event sponsored by Red Bull or Monster. The film is aggressively bland and it will certainly make you want to immediately revisit the 1990's film with the likes of Reeves and Swayze, this is a remake that needs to be wiped from my memory, time to visit "Rekall".

Luke Bracey takes the lead role and I swear I have never seen an actor seem so uncharismatic and dull. Every piece of dialogue he delivers is uttered with the most groaned mumble, there is no emotion or urgency and he comes across as very uninterested, maybe he could be an early contender for the worst actor award at the Razzies. Ray Winstone gives it his best shot but once again comes off as bored, like Bracey. Edgar Ramirez does what Bracey does too, talking in monotone, and pulling this rather confused and baffled look throughout, this photo below is an example. I've seen this actor deliver good performances, this is not one of them.


The cinematography is impressive as is the stunt work, something I won't take away from the film as it has to be admitted this is a spectacular achievement of bravery from stunt men and women. However, the majority of the action sequences are turned into lame music videos, cheesy rock music plays over the top of these scenes and they undermine potentially epic sequences, especially the opening. However, I enjoyed the plane sequence which sees two skydivers drop two crates of cash out of the plane and into the sky, it's pretty impressive though it feels like it has been plucked out of a better film.

The characters are bland, I didn't care about Johnny Utah's backstory, he may have lost a friend to a failed bike stunt seven years ago but he just mopes about it throughout the whole film. Bodhi is nowhere near as interesting as the original Bodhi, here he plods along achieving the "Osaki Eight" and nothing else. Teresa Palmer is wasted, it's all very generic in characteristics and stuff we've seen many times before. Junkie XL's soundtrack is dull, something I thought I'd never say about the man who helmed the score of Mad Max Fury Road and 300: Rise Of An Empire.

I just can't get over how dull this film is. The colour palette is sapped of vibrance, something this film needs considering its beautiful locales and big action sequences. Every scene set in the police stations are easily some of the most boring pieces of film ever put to the screen in quite a long time, who on earth thought remaking this film was a smart idea? The original is upbeat, thrilling and bloody good fun. This film is a big waste of time with so many problems aside from some strong cinematography and the odd solid action scene. Rating: 3.3


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