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Good Morning America aired, mentioning all new behind the scenes footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Later to premiere for an audience. It's a behind the scenes documentary showing interviews and quips from the cast. Action and more of the heart breaking scenes. All set to premiere at SXSW today. So be prepared for that.

We know that Disney and Lucasfilm has given us the date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting digital download, which is April 1st. Later giving us the physical copies of DVD's or Blu-Ray.

Today at 12pm, Paramount Theater will feature the footage and interviews from the actors and filmmakers involved with the creation of this seventh installment. The documentary with go through the entire movie, from beginning to end. So expect the emotional scenes to hit you again. Yes, Roger Guyett, Academy Award-nominated supervising sound editor Matthew Wood and co-producer Michelle Rejwan will be there for a Q&A. While we have a little under two and half hours until we hear or see anything from SXSW, we have new information from Good Morning America. Take a look.

Again, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit digital downloads on April 1st. Blu-Ray and DVD's coming April 5th.


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